MMA returns to Doncaster, UK on June 22nd at Doncaster Dome. Looking for an MMA Show to attend? This is the one with Birmingham’s’ Muhammad Shazlee being one half of the Main Event. Shazlee is rapidly becoming a household name in the world of professional MMA. As the contender for the Caged Steel 36 Professional MMA Middleweight Title, he’s set to face Dez ‘The Arm Collector’ Parker in what promises to be a jaw dropping main event. With a fight record of 5 wins and just 1 loss, Shazlee’s journey to the top has been marked by technical brilliance and a true display of determination, as he strives to become another huge name in MMA from Birmingham, following in the steps of Leon Edwards.  

Shazlee fights out of Team Renegade in England, a gym renowned for producing top-tier fighters. Under the arm of UFC Champion Leon Edwards, Shazlee has honed his fighting style, benefiting immensely from Edwards’ experience and expertise. Training with a champion like Edwards provides Shazlee with invaluable insights into the differnce of high-level MMA, from advanced techniques to the mindset required to succeed at the highest levels. This mentorship has undoubtedly played a significant role in Shazlee’s rapid ascent in the sport. 

Ranked 32 out of 150 athletes in the UK and Ireland, Shazlee’s position speaks volumes about his capabilities and potential. In his professional career, he has demonstrated a balanced approach to victory, with 40% of his fights won via KO/TKO and the remainder through submission. This versatility makes him an intimidating opponent, capable of adapting his strategy to exploit any weakness in his opponents. 

Shazlee’s journey to professional success was paved during his amateur career, where he amassed 8 wins and 5 losses. These early bouts provided him with the experience and toughness needed to thrive in the highly competitive world of professional MMA. Starting his professional career with one of the fastest rising MMA Managements in Europe, BA International Management, with Arber Bellegu as the leader and Chris Allen as the UK Agent. Now, at the age of 27, born on September 18, 1996, Shazlee is entering the prime of his career, ready to take on new challenges and cement his legacy in the sport. 

What sets Shazlee apart from many of his contemporaries is not just his skill inside the cage but his character outside of it. He is widely respected and liked wherever he goes. Gyms across the UK, where he has trained, consistently speak highly of him. His humility and respect for his opponents, including Dez Parker, are qualities that endear him to fans and fellow fighters. In an era where trash talk and showboating often dominate headlines, Shazlee’s modesty and sportsmanship are refreshing. 

BA International Management leader Arber Bellegu said, “Shaz is one of our biggest diamonds and we can’t wait to get him to the top of this sport!

We had Pavel Dailidko as Caged Steel champion and now he gets his title shot at BRAVE!

Shazlee is the next Caged Steel champion at his weight class and a BIG NAME for the next few years fighting out of the UK!“

His upcoming fight at Doncaster Dome against Dez Parker is highly anticipated amongst UK MMA fans. Parker, known as ‘The Arm Collector’ for his ability in securing arm bar submissions, presents a familiar challenge. Shazlee and Dez Parker have actually faced each other within a No-gi competition. Muhammad was not successful in securing a win and fell short to Dez’s submission victory. However as the famous saying goes, “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face,” with Shazlee now being able to strike, this makes it difficult for Dez to manipulate the fight to his comfort. Shazlee’s ability to remain composed under pressure and his diverse skill set will be crucial in this bout. This fight not only has the potential to be a career-defining moment for Shazlee but also promises to be a thrilling spectacle for MMA fans across the UK. 

For those looking to attend an MMA show in the UK, Caged Steel 36 in Doncaster is an event not to be missed. The fight card is stacked with talent, featuring 18 bouts showcasing some of the best athletes from the UK and Europe. Including Professional MMA, Amateur MMA and the exciting Caged Boxing hybrid. Shazlee’s bout against Parker is undoubtedly the highlight, but the entire event is a proof to the growing popularity and talent within British MMA. 

Muhammad Shazlee is a name that will be remembered in the records of MMA history. His rise through the ranks, guided by the expertise of Leon Edwards and supported by the community he has built around him, is a story of dedication and passion. As he steps into the cage for Caged Steel 36, all eyes will be on him on June 22nd, and for good reason. Shazlee embodies the spirit of MMA, and his journey is a display of what can be achieved with hard work, humbleness, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. 

Whether you’re a fan of MMA, a resident of Birmingham, or simply looking for an exciting live event in Yorkshire, Caged Steel 36 offers an unmissable opportunity to witness some of the best talent in the sport. 

To support Muhammad Shazlee, when purchasing your tickets enter his code: CSSHAZLEE for his to receive commission on your ticket purchase. Money goes towards the support of his career with training, equipment and travel.

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