MMA will be back in Doncaster June 22nd, with Caged Steel 36. The UK MMA fans buzzing with anticipation as Dez Parker, the man famously known as “The Arm Collector,” steps into the cage as the main event.

With 15 years of fighting experience and a fierce reputation for his submission execution ls, Dez is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. But beyond the highlight-reel armbars, there’s a dedicated athlete with a captivating story waiting to be told.

From BJJ Beginnings to the Caged Steel Stage:

Dez’s martial arts journey began 16 years ago on the BJJ mats under the guidance of Thomas Hanlon at Sukata MMA. He honed his skills under the guidance of Mario Sukata, eventually earning his brown belt before his passion for the complete combat experience of MMA drew him further. This foundation in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is evident in his fighting style, where grappling takes centre stage.

The Drive to Challenge:

What fuels Dez’s fire in the cage? “I just enjoy a challenge,” he told us. But there’s a look in his eyes that suggests a deeper meaning. Perhaps it’s the thrill of overcoming adversity, the satisfaction of outsmarting his opponent, or the pure joy of showcasing his years of dedicated training. Whatever the reason, this competitive spirit is a core part of who he is as a fighter.

The Art of Arm Hunting:

Dez’s nickname, “The Arm Collector,” isn’t just a catchy title. It’s a testament to his fighting style. He describes himself as “a grappler that attacks arms from everywhere.” This relentless pursuit of the armbar, the fight-ending submission that has earned him countless victories, makes him a captivating force to watch. But make no mistake, his skillset extends far beyond one technique. Years of training have equipped him with a well-rounded arsenal, ensuring a dynamic performance come fight night.

One highlight moment in Dez’s career was defeating Jack Grant with a devastating overhand right. Sent the crowd into a shock of silence. A pivotal moment in Dez’s career, setting the pace for huge experiences to come in his life.

A Team Effort:

No fighter reaches the top alone. Dez acknowledges the important role his team plays in his success. He trains alongside a “strong team of grapplers,” constantly sharpening his grappling skills. But his support system extends further. Seasoned MMA veterans like Mick Sinclair and Ian Butlin, pioneers in the UK MMA scene, provide an extremely useful insight and experience, helping Dez navigate the complexities of mixed martial arts.

A Legacy Beyond the Cage:

Dez’s passion for grappling extends beyond his own competitive career. As a BJJ Black Belt under Roberto Atalla, he now heads Rio Grappling Club Burnley, where he shares his knowledge and trains the next generation of grappling enthusiasts. This dedication to passing on his skills speaks volumes about his character and his commitment to the sport.

A Seasoned Warrior with a Unique Pedigree:

Dez’s fight record boasts encounters with some of the toughest competition Europe has to offer. He’s faced the number one ranked fighter in Russia, Germany, and Denmark, testing his mettle against the best. He’s also battled a fair share of top 5 ranked opponents, demonstrating his ability to rise to any challenge.

A Night to Remember:

On June 22nd, Dez Parker, “The Arm Collector,” will step into the Caged Steel orange cage, ready to put on a show. While his opponent remains unannounced, one thing is certain: it will be an exciting battle, a display of technical brilliance, and a main event you’ll never forget.

So, Caged Steel fans, mark your calendars! June 22nd promises to be a night of unforgettable action as Dez Parker takes centre cage. Will he add another arm-bar to his collection? Will he showcase the versatility of his skillset with another mind blowing knockout? One thing’s for sure – you won’t want to miss it!

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