The latest for Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fans, mark your calendars for Saturday, May 20th, as Caged Steel 32 promises to be an unforgettable night of thrilling fights, intense rivalries, and jaw-dropping athleticism. Held at the iconic Doncaster Dome in the heart of England. With 20 scheduled fights featuring both professional and amateur athletes, this event promises to be a thrilling spectacle that MMA fans won’t want to miss. Read on to learn more about the marquee matchups, standout athletes, and all the reasons why Caged Steel 32 is a can’t-miss event for any MMA enthusiast.

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The Main Event

The main event of Caged Steel 32 features two highly skilled fighters in the 60kg weight division. Louis ‘Lightning’ Lee Scott, representing Manchester Top Team, comes in with an undefeated pro MMA record of 5 wins and 1 loss, known for his striking accuracy and grappling skills. Learn more about Louis here.

His opponent, Alpren Karabulut, fights out of Güray Fight Academy and has a pro record of 3 wins and 1 loss, known for his aggressive striking and relentless pace. Both fighters are renowned for their lightning-fast striking and grappling skills, setting the stage for an explosive main event. Lee Scott has a well-rounded skill set, with striking and grappling abilities, while Karabulut is known for his striking speed and accuracy.

The clash between these two fighters promises to be a high-paced, action-packed battle, as both leave it all on the line in pursuit of victory. With their impressive records and skill sets, the main event of Caged Steel 32 is sure to be a thrilling spectacle for fight fans.

Kai Holmes vs Michel Da Silva

But the excitement doesn’t stop there. The matchup between Kai Holmes and Michel Da Silva at Caged Steel 32 is highly anticipated, as both fighters are known for their exceptional wrestling abilities and well-rounded skill sets. Holmes, a seasoned fighter from The Lodge MMA, has an impressive professional record of 2 wins and 0 losses, showcasing relentless wrestling and ground-and-pound skills in previous fights. Da Silva, a Brazilian-born fighter based in Ireland, has 3 wins and 1 loss to his name, with slick submissions and striking prowess in his arsenal.

With similar fighting styles, fans can expect a closely contested battle, as both fighters aim to secure victory. Holmes will look to utilize his wrestling to control the fight and capitalize on his ground game, while Da Silva will showcase his striking skills and capitalize on his opponent’s mistakes on the ground. Both fighters are also capable of delivering powerful strikes on the feet, adding an additional layer of excitement to the matchup. Learn more about the fight here.

The crowd-pleaser: Jack Comby vs Dawid Panfil

Fans can also anticipate an exciting showdown between Jack Comby from The Lodge MMA (read more about Jack here) and Dawid Panfil from Wizard Muay Thai. Comby, returning for his third professional fight, has a record of 1 win and 1 loss, and is known for his aggressive fighting style and striking prowess. Panfil, with 2 wins and 1 loss on his record, is also known for his striking skills and ability to engage in thrilling brawls.

Both fighters are known for entertaining the crowd with their action-packed performances in the cage, making this matchup a sure fire crowd-pleaser. Fight fans can expect to witness a high-paced, back-and-forth battle as Comby and Panfil leave it all on the line to secure a victory in what is sure to be a memorable fight at Caged Steel 32.

Caged Steel British lightweight title: Morrow vs Boguzs

In the amateur division, fight fans can expect an eagerly awaited title fight for the Caged Steel British lightweight title between Cain Morrow from Carlson Gracie Hull and Kristian Bogusz from Hardwork MMA in Grimsby. Morrow, with a record of 4 wins and 1 loss, will be looking to make a statement against the undefeated Bogusz, who boasts an impressive record of 6 wins and 0 losses.

The tension leading up to this matchup will be noticeable, as both fighters bring their A-game to the cage. Morrow will be determined to hand Bogusz his first defeat and claim the title, while Bogusz will be looking to maintain his perfect record and secure the championship. With their skills and determination on full display, this title fight promises to be a highly competitive and captivating showdown at Caged Steel 32.

International Caged Steel Super Lightweight title: Bean vs Thrainsson

A highly anticipated matchup at Caged Steel 32 is the bout between Will Bean from Carlson Gracie Hull and Hrafn Thrainsson from RVK MMA in Iceland for the International Caged Steel Super Lightweight title. Both fighters come in with undefeated records, with Bean boasting 3 wins and 0 losses, and Thrainsson holding 2 wins and 0 losses.

This fight holds special significance as Bean will be seeking to avenge his teammate Morrow’s only loss, which came at the hands of Thrainsson in a previous Caged Steel event. The stakes are high as Bean aims to settle the score and claim the title, while Thrainsson will be looking to maintain his unbeaten record and emerge victorious once again. Fight fans can expect an electrifying showdown between these two talented fighters at Caged Steel 32.

Who else to expect…

Caged Steel 32 promises to be a thrilling event with athletes from all over the UK and beyond traveling to Doncaster to compete, drawing crowds to the city. In addition to the marquee matchups, fans can expect to see other standout athletes showcasing their skills. Brad Camps from Manchester Top Team, Börkur Kristinsson from RVK in Iceland, and Ryan Southern from Sweat Box Gym in Bristol are just a few of the notable fighters who will be gracing the cage.

The night will also feature exciting cage boxing bouts, adding an extra level of excitement to the event. A showdown between Doncaster’s, Scott Harper and Shazaib Ali from Leeds, who have a combined total of 26 fights between them, is sure to be a highlight, as well as a matchup between Luke Dyson from Leeds and Brett Nilson from Gainsborough. The diverse lineup of fighters from various locations and backgrounds promises to provide an unforgettable night of intense competition and entertainment for fight fans attending Caged Steel 32.

Have you got your tickets?

Join us at Caged Steel 32, located at Doncaster Dome, for an unforgettable night of MMA action! Conveniently located in the heart of England, just 1 hour from Leeds, 30 minutes from Sheffield, and 2 hours from London by train, the venue is easily accessible for a night out you won’t want to miss. With excellent transport links and disabled access, you can feel confident in getting there hassle-free and accommodating everyone in your group.

Caged Steel welcomes fans of all ages, with no age restrictions, and provides disabled access for a comfortable experience. Plus, all tickets come with a seated close-up view of the action, ensuring you won’t miss a moment of the punches, kicks, and submissions. With each event being unique, you’ll be on the edge of your seat, fully immersed in the thrilling atmosphere. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of Caged Steel 32 and witness top-notch MMA action up close!

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