On May 20th, all eyes will be on Doncaster as the much-anticipated Caged Steel 32 MMA show takes place. Among the talented athletes set to compete is Kai Holmes, a 23-year-old MMA fighter with a professional record of 2 wins and 0 losses. Known by his fighter nickname “King,” Kai has been training in MMA for 9 years and fighting for 8 years. He will be stepping into the cage against Michel Da Silva (Learn more), a Brazilian born athlete residing in Ireland, in what promises to be an epic showdown. Whether you’re a long-time fan of Kai or just curious to see what this rising star can do, Caged Steel 32 is an event you won’t want to miss. Come witness the intensity, skill, and determination of these fighters as they battle it out for victory. Read on to learn more about Kai’s journey, his training, and what motivates him as a fighter.

Kai’s journey in martial arts started at a young age, when he participated in various sports such as football, boxing, and Muay Thai. He eventually found his passion in MMA and had his first fight after just a year of training. Since then, he has been hooked on the adrenaline rush and challenges that MMA presents. Kai’s dedication to his craft is evident in his disciplined approach to training, as he puts in the hard work regardless of whether he feels motivated or not.

When asked about his motivation as a fighter, Kai explained, “Nothing motivates me to train, I’m disciplined not motivated. I’m putting the work in whether I feel motivated or not, but as for motivation for goals, I want to see what the best version of myself can achieve at the highest level. I know how good I am and what I’m capable of in this sport.” Kai’s self-belief and determination are driving forces in his pursuit of success in the world of MMA.

One of Kai’s strengths as a fighter is his versatility and well-rounded skillset. While he acknowledges that the game of MMA has evolved significantly, he prides himself on being proficient in multiple disciplines. His wrestling skills, in particular, have been a significant asset for him, even though he has been knocking out opponents in his recent fights. Kai credits his team at The Lodge MMA in Spennymoor for his success, stating, “The results speak for themselves. We have a sparring room filled with current champions, Cage Warriors world champions, wrestling coaches, strength and conditioning coaches, and nutritionists. Everything we do is professional.” Kai’s team provides him with the support and resources he needs to continuously improve his skills and perform at his best.

In terms of his fighting style, Kai has been working on incorporating elbows into his arsenal of techniques. Fans can expect to see some devastating elbow strikes from him at Caged Steel 32. Known for his aggressive and hard-hitting approach, Kai is determined to put on a show and make a statement with his performance in the cage.

Watch Kai win the Caged Steel Title in his Amateur Career

While Kai is focused on his upcoming fight against Michel Da Silva, he also has a deep love for his hometown of Spennymoor and its people. He wants to not only make himself, his family, and friends proud but also represent his town with honor and showcase the talent that Spennymoor has to offer. Kai’s passion for his community and his sport is evident in his desire to see people from Spennymoor attend Caged Steel 32 and support him in his fight.

When asked if there is anything unique or interesting about him that viewers should know, Kai simply stated, “Nothing unique, I’m just coming to put this guy to sleep in the most violent way possible.” His confidence and determination to succeed are palpable, and he is leaving no stone unturned in his preparation for the fight.

Kai Holmes recently announced to his fans, that he joined a new MMA management team called Showtime, owned by none other than UFC and PFL veteran Anthony Pettis. Showtime is a renowned name in the MMA world, known for building the next generation of athletes and fostering a tight-knit fight family. With this new partnership, Kai’s career is poised to reach new heights as he receives guidance and support from the experienced team at Showtime. Anthony Pettis’s expertise and connections in the industry can provide invaluable opportunities for Kai as he progresses in his MMA journey. This is a significant step for Kai, and it reflects his dedication and potential as a fighter. With Showtime behind him, Kai is well on his way to achieving his goals and making waves in the world of MMA. Fans and supporters can eagerly anticipate the impact of this new partnership on Kai’s career as he continues to pursue his passion and strive for greatness in the sport.

Watching Kai Holmes fight live on Caged Steel 32 on May 20th in Doncaster is an opportunity that no MMA fan should miss. With such a diverse and talented lineup of fighters, Caged Steel 32 promises to be an unforgettable event for MMA fans. From seasoned veterans to rising stars, the fight card is packed with fighters who are eager to showcase their skills and leave it all in the cage. Kai Holmes and Michel Da Silva’s matchup is undoubtedly one of the highlights of the event, as two skilled athletes from different backgrounds collide in an epic showdown. The combination of these fighters’ unique styles and strengths, along with the other exciting matchups on the card, guarantees an adrenaline-pumping night of fights that fans won’t want to miss.

Kai Holmes and Michel Da Silva join an electrifying fight card, featuring an array of talented fighters from across the globe. One of the notable names on the card is Louis ‘Lightning’ Lee Scott from Manchester Top Team, known for his striking prowess and dynamic fighting style. Learn more about him here. Also, Jack Comby from The Lodge in Spennymoor, where Kai himself trains, will be showcasing his skills in front of the hometown crowd. Will Bean from Carlson Gracie Hull, Hrafn Thrainsson from RVK in Iceland, Kristian Bogusz from Hardwork MMA in Grimsby, and Keanan Regisford from Team Renegade in Birmingham are also set to bring their talents to the cage, promising an action-packed night of fights.

Attending the event not only allows fans to witness the skills and determination of these athletes up close but also provides an opportunity to support local fighters like Kai Holmes as he represents his hometown of Spennymoor. Caged Steel 32 is a chance to be part of the thrilling world of MMA and experience the energy and excitement of live fights. Don’t miss the action on May 20th in Doncaster as Kai Holmes steps into the cage to showcase his skills and continue his journey towards greatness.

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