On May 20th, 2023, Caged Steel will host a highly anticipated MMA showdown between Kai Holmes and Michel Da Silva in Doncaster. The fight promises to be a thrilling encounter between two of the sport’s most promising fighters, and fans around the world are eagerly anticipating the outcome of this matchup.

Kai Holmes is a rising star in the MMA world, and he boasts an impressive record of 2 wins and 0 losses. Known for his speed and agility, Holmes is a versatile fighter who can adapt to any situation. He is equally comfortable striking as he is grappling, and he has a reputation for his devastating ground-and-pound game. Holmes is an athlete who never shies away from a challenge, and his relentless work ethic has earned him a loyal following of fans. Learn even more about Kai Holmes here.

Michel Da Silva, on the other hand, is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt with a record of 3 wins and 1 losses. He is an expert in the art of grappling, and his submission skills are widely regarded as some of the best in the business. Da Silva is a highly technical fighter who relies on his knowledge of the sport to outmanoeuvre his opponents. He is patient and methodical, waiting for his opponent to make a mistake before capitalizing on it. Learn more about Michel Da Silva here.

When these two fighters meet in the cage, it will be a classic striker vs grappler matchup. Holmes will be looking to use his speed and striking to keep Da Silva at bay, while Da Silva will be looking to close the distance and take the fight to the ground. It will be a battle of wits as each fighter tries to impose his will on the other.

Even with his wrestling experience, Holmes will have to be careful not to get caught in Da Silva’s grappling game. Da Silva’s submissions are deadly, and any mistake could result in a quick tapout. Holmes will need to use his footwork and striking to keep Da Silva at a distance, avoiding getting into clinches where Da Silva can take him down. If Holmes can keep the fight standing, he will have a significant advantage.

Da Silva, on the other hand, will be looking to get the fight to the ground as quickly as possible. Once there, he will be looking to use his superior grappling skills to control Holmes and set up submissions. If Da Silva can get Holmes down, he will be in a dominant position, and it will be up to Holmes to find a way out.

In addition to their respective fighting styles, both fighters also have a lot to prove in this matchup. For Holmes, a win over a highly regarded grappler like Da Silva would prove that he is more than just a striker, and that he can hold his own on the ground. For Da Silva, a win over a rising star like Holmes would put him in the conversation for a title shot, and cement his status as one of the best grapplers in the sport.

Ultimately, this fight promises to be a thrilling encounter between two highly skilled fighters. Both Kai Holmes and Michel Da Silva are hungry for victory, and neither will back down from a challenge. Fans around the world will be tuning in to see who comes out on top in this classic striker vs grappler matchup.

Louis Lee Scott / Jack Comby / Will Bean / Kristian Bogusz / Hrafn Thrainsson.

Caged Steel 32 promises to be a night to remember for MMA fans, with Kai Holmes vs Michel Da Silva being a standout professional fight on the card. The fight card also features a number of other talented fighters from around the world, including Louis ‘Lightning’ Lee Scott (Read more about him here), Jack Comby, Will Bean, Kristian Bogusz and Hrafn Thrainsson.

For fans of Kai Holmes in Spennymoor, attending Caged Steel 32 is a must-do event to show support for their hometown hero. They won’t want to miss the opportunity to see Holmes showcase his skills and bring home the win for Spennymoor.

Meanwhile, people around the world should tune in on PPV to watch Michel Da Silva fight for victory and represent both Brazil and Ireland. With his impressive Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu skills, Da Silva is sure to put on a show and demonstrate his world-class grappling abilities.

Whether you’re attending the event live or tuning in on PPV, Caged Steel 32 promises to be an unforgettable night of MMA action. Be part of the excitement and witness the skills of these incredible athletes up close. Don’t miss out on the chance to support Kai Holmes and witness Michel Da Silva in action on May 20th in Doncaster.

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