Welcome back, fight fans, Teodor here – Caged Steel Journalist! Today, I am presenting a very special and intriguing match-up to you. A bout, which is about to take place on March 4th, on the upcoming Caged Steel gala. Jack Oxley is facing Helgi Idder in an amateur MMA clash at 79,4 kilos. Expect fireworks!

Jack Oxley Receiving Blue Belt in BJJ

Who are they?

Jack Oxley is a hard-training and dedicated fighter, working on his craft twice a day, with the sole purpose of improving as a competitor and acquiring multiple titles in the upcoming years.

‘Nothing is given, everything is earned.’ – Jack recently shared with me, ahead of his debut against his undefeated Moroccan-icelandic opponent Helgi Idder (2-0-0). ‘My prediction for the fight is a one-sided victory for me. I feel I win this fight however I choose to do. I’m strong in all areas’ – Jack told me, when asked what his expectations were on the clash.

Carlson Gracie Team Photo

Training at Carlson Gracie under Owen Livesey, Jack believes that his most important asset is his conditioning. ‘My biggest strength as a fighter is my cardio. Cardio is number one for me. You can be the best striker, grappler, strongest and fastest man on earth, but if you’ve got no cardio, you’re nothing after 30 seconds.’

Helgi Idder Win from Caged Steel 30

His opponent, Helgi Idder, on the other hand, is an exciting-to-watch fighter, whose previous two fights were both dominant victories – a TKO and a submission. ‘I would love to get a KO this time’. – he told me in our latest interview.

Helgi Idder vs Josh Horman (Oxleys team mate)

When asked about his strengths as a fighter, Helgi spoke about his solid wrestling and dangerous kicks, while also mentioning that he has got experience in Judo and Taekwondo, having trained for about five years in the past.

‘I really like Caged Steel – it is a great organization, which puts a lot of effort in making great shows and promoting its fighters. I expect so much from them and I am really looking forward to taking as many fights as i can for them. – Helgi shared when asked about his opinion on Caged Steel.

Idder vs Oxley – Caged Steel 31 – March 4th

One thing is for sure, we can expect an absolute spectacle on March 4th. Jack Oxley and Helgi Idder are prepared for a war. And not only they. Every single competitor, who is about to fight for their honor on the upcoming Caged Steel gala, is entering their contest with the only intention of winning. Stay tuned, fight fans! A very special night is coming!

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