Hello, fight fans! My name is Teodor Dzhamov and I am a 24-years-old sports journalist, who just received his Media and Entertainment Management bachelor degree. Born and raised in Sofia, Bulgaria, I spent the last five years of my life in the Netherlands, where I not only completed my education but also discovered my biggest passion – combat sports.

As a former competitor with six boxing matches and two MMA fights, I truly love fighting, and it has become an essential part of my everyday life. Wrestling on the mats, punching the heavy bag, and sparring with my teammates are some of the activities which I engage in on a daily basis. However, although I genuinely enjoy training, I believe that my true purpose in life is to rather speak and write about the sport, promoting and helping it to become even more popular. And the best way to make this goal of mine reality is to create as much quality content as possible. Look, I have been in the ring/cage, I have been punched and kicked in the face, I have wrestled until exhaustion, I have seen a pool of my own blood on the ground.

Image Credit: Caged Warriors Academy

I have been there and I have done that. And that is exactly why I have so much respect for all the fighters who step foot in the ring/cage, risking their lives in the name of victory. These men/women try to make a name for themselves in order to earn a living and provide for their families. And they do it through insanely-hard work, through endless drops of sweat, and through unmatched courage. But in order to show their capabilities, these modern day gladiators need a platform, a podium, where they can shine. And Caged Steel gives them this opportunity.

The perfect example is Muhammad Mokaev, who showed his skills on the Caged Steel scene three years ago, and is now regarded as one of the biggest MMA prospects in the world. Put differently, fighters need a stage, and Caged Steel is there to provide it. But fighters also deserve attention. And I am here to give them the attention which they deserve.

From now on, I will be writing blogs on a weekly basis. In these blogs, I will be presenting the upcoming Caged Steel events and the fighters, who will be stepping foot in the octagon. I will be sharing their personal stories with you, because as you all know, everyone is fighting a battle, which no one else knows anything about. In other words, I will be creating high-quality content for you, the fight fans, while giving the Caged Steel warriors the media attention which they all deserve.

As mentioned above, I have a clear goal here, a clear “Why” – I want to help this sport to become even more influential, I want it to become mainstream, to become more household. Saturday nights should be associated not only with the Premier League and going out but also with fight events. Or at least, this is what I want.

I truly appreciate the chance which Caged Steel is giving me, and I will make sure that my blogs contribute to an even better future for the organization and its athletes. And of course, I will make sure that you, the fight fans, do not fall asleep while reading these articles! Stay tuned! I’ll chat to you later!

Teodor Dzhamov 

Adam Bramhald vs Kostadin Enev

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