Caged Steel are proud to announce Dolphin ICT as sponsors of our events throughout 2024. Located near Doncaster/Sheffield airport Dolphin ICT are national brand, who also provide assistance to a number of international companies, for their IT services, Phone and Security.

Dolphin ICT Doncaster Sponsors of Caged Steel

This isn’t just a coincidence. Caged Steel and Dolphin met and connected at the Doncaster Business Showcase, proving that sometimes the best connections happen outside the cage (although, a killer Ballnado Grabber Machine performance by a Caged Steel staff member definitely helped!).

dolphin ICT Doncaster Sponsors of Caged Steel

Here’s what makes this partnership a win-win: 

dolphin ICT Doncaster Sponsors of Caged Steel

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Thinking of upgrading your business’s tech game? Caged Steel is happy to connect you with the champions at Dolphin ICT

Get in touch to learn how they can help your business! 

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