We are weeks away from Caged Steel Bulgaria. As early as now, it is expected to be an electrifying night of fights. It will be the organisation’s first event outside the UK, so do not miss it!

As we prepare for this momentous occasion, we will get to know some of the competitors on the card. However, this is not your usual fighter profile. We are going on a deep dive into the techniques they execute during the heat of battle, giving you a peek into their psyche as combatants. 

This series begins with one of Caged Steel Bulgaria’s boxing competitors: Sofia’s very own Mario Vergiev.

Mario Vergiev Caged Steel 35 Bulgaria 18th May

The Suffocater

One thing you’ll notice with Vergiev’s fighting style is his ability to cut off the ring. He will back you into a corner, leaving you less space to operate. If you’re not used to this style, it could be a suffocating experience.

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Fafera had very little breathing room.

The most significant advantage of fighters with this type of come-forward style is that they dictate where the action is going. Here, Vergiev is using it against Michael Fafera in 2023 and during his debut against Ivan Stamenov in 2022.

Against the smaller Fafera, it was easier for Vergiev to inflict more significant damage. He was landing his favored overhand rights, sometimes inadvertently hitting Fafera on the back of the head. It will be an occupational hazard. But it was a firefight against Stamenov, who matched up more with him in size.

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Vergiev put on a show for his debut.

Vergiev also loves his overhand right, and you can see why. When it does land, it is a sight to behold.

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Mario Vergiev’s money shot.

Especially when you catch Caged Steel Bulgaria live, prepare to witness these thudding shots from Mario Vergiev in full form. And they are all anchored in his ability to close the distance effectively.

The Phone Booth Banger

It’s one thing to floor your opponent with a picturesque straight right, but bringing the action close quarters is another feat. And if you’re all about fighting in the phone booth, you’re likely more capable of drowning the opposition with uppercuts and body shots from both sides.

Here, he is overwhelming Fafera with a barrage of attacks from the inside, with a solid uppercut as a punctuation.

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Vergiev bringing the brain shakers.

From these sequences, you can see that Vergiev is an intelligent and well-trained fighter for his level. He’s not constantly head-hunting and throwing caution to the wind. He will pepper you with body shots, then punctuate it with a nice uppercut to the jaw.

But Vergiev isn’t just about battles from close range. He can step back slightly further, which works wonders for him and his overhand right.

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Right on the button!

Vergiev’s inclusion into the Caged Steel Bulgaria fight card should be a treat for the audience in his home country and the rest of the world. He possesses one trait that fight fans from every region of the world gravitate to: an iron jaw.

The Granite Chin

Every combat athlete understands the frustration of facing an opponent with an iron chin. Regardless of the shots you throw at them, they will keep standing and advancing, like the boss-level video game zombie you could never defeat, even if you tried your hardest. 

And there you are, knuckles hurting from inside the gloves and thinking to yourself, ‘What is this person made of?’

In both fights, you’ll see Vergiev eat his opponents’ shots like they were nothing. Stamenov’s best punches were landing, but they didn’t appear to daunt Vergiev, who kept coming forward.

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Vergiev with boss-level durability.

It may not be the ideal strategy for longevity in the sport, and Vergiev could use some work on his head movement. But as a fan, you can never go wrong with a fighter with a granite chin. They have the heart and enduring will to give you the best show worth your money.

What to Expect from Mario Vergiev in Caged Steel Bulgaria

Vergiev will take on Jon Barnes Jr. for his seventh professional fight. “El Diablo” has made a strong impression in his previous fights with a similar sticky come-forward attacking style that is a headache for any fighter. 

Vergiev vs. Barnes is just one of the handful of fights to look forward to for Caged Steel Bulgaria, which happens on May 18th at the Hristo Botev Hall in Sofia. 

Make sure you don’t miss out! Secure your tickets as early as now to guarantee yourself a spot in the thick of the action. It is an event you would not want to miss. Press here.

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About the author: Miguel Ordoñez is an MMA writer, lifelong fight fan, and martial arts practitioner with an amateur MMA record of 2-0. He is also a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu coach and a passionate drummer with aspirations of being the next John Bonham and Keith Moon combined. 

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