The anticipation is building as fight fans from all around the world eagerly await the spectacle that is Caged Steel 33. On this electrifying fight card, a diverse line-up of skilled fighters is set to showcase their talents, heart, and determination in the octagon. From seasoned professionals to up-and-coming amateurs, the event promises to deliver a night of thrilling action, raw emotion, and unforgettable moments.

The Main Event International Professional Lightweight Title: Ibragim Ibragimov vs Joaquim Polônia

At the apex of this exciting fight card stands the main event clash between Ibragim Ibragimov and Joaquim Polônia. The stakes are as high as they come – the Professional International Lightweight Title is on the line. The spotlight will be firmly fixed on Ibragim Ibragimov, the 19-year-old prodigy from Dagestan, Manchester Top Team’s pride, and undefeated in both his amateur and professional MMA career. Currently 5-0 in his Professional career. Ibragim comes from a talented family, with his brothers in football, one of them playing for Manchester United. He’ll have full support from family, friends and fans for this huge moment. His journey to this point has been a testament to his dedication and skills, and this fight presents the biggest challenge of his career.

Across the pond, Joaquim Polônia, is a 29-year-old Professional MMA fighter from Brotherhood Muay Thai with a record of 14 wins and 6 losses. His journey began as a way to support his mother’s diabetes treatment but evolved into a deep passion for MMA. Polônia draws motivation from family, his team, and personal drive. He’s a well-rounded fighter, equally strong in ground and striking, adapting to any situation in the cage. Polônia’s faith and his identity as a “manauara forest warrior” from northern Brazil add a unique dimension to his fighting spirit.

Co-Main Event Professional World Title Fight: Adam Bramhald vs Daniel Gadita

In the highly anticipated Professional MMA Bantamweight World Title bout at 61.2KG, fans are in for a treat as Daniel Gadita and Adam Bramhald, two seasoned fighters, go head to head. Gadita, 33 years old and standing at 168 cm, represents Brotherhood Muay Thai, with 9 wins and 4 losses. On the other side, we have Adam Bramhald, known as “Samurai,” who’s 29 years old, 175 cm tall, and boasts an impressive record of 12 wins and 2 losses, fighting out of AVT MMA.

Adam Bramhald: The Entertainer

Bramhald’s journey into martial arts began with his father, a professional boxer. He followed a friend to the gym one day and never looked back. What motivates him as a fighter? It’s the desire to entertain the crowd. Bramhald is known for his intelligence inside the cage, coupled with elite-level striking, exceptional takedown defense, and defensive grappling. His team at AVT MMA comprises hardened, well-rounded fighters, creating a competitive environment that pushes him to excel. His favorite techniques are the ones that the crowd enjoys the most, reflecting his commitment to putting on a show.

Daniel Gadita: The Family Man and Complete Athlete

Gadita, known as Daniel de Melo Farias, started his martial arts journey with jiu-jitsu at the age of 12 and discovered Muay Thai at 20. What motivates him is providing a better future for his family through his passion for fighting. His two children are his greatest inspiration. Gadita considers himself a complete athlete, always ready for any situation in the cage. He attributes his strength to the unity of his team at Brotherhood Muay Thai, a traditional Muay Thai gym in the state of Amazonas. His favourite disciplines are Muay Thai and Jiu-Jitsu.

The clash between these two fighters is not only about the World title belt but also about legacy and personal motivation. As they enter the cage, the world will witness a battle between experience and entertainment, commitment and family, making this a fight for the ages.

Christian Tebbett vs. Omid. Ibrahimi. Professional MMA – 57KG:

In the Professional Flyweight bout, Christian Tebbett from Liverpool takes on Omid Ibrahimi. Tebbett, known as “The Terrier,” is no stranger to the fight game with 5 years of professional fighting experience. He faces Omid Ibrahimi, representing Afghanistan, a rising star from Manchester Top Team with an undefeated record of 5 wins. This clash in the 57KG weight class promises dynamic striking exchanges and tactical ground battles as Tebbett’s experience meets Ibrahimi’s hunger for victory.

Joshua Onwordi vs. Simeon Ottley. Professional MMA – 74.8KG

In the 74.8KG Professional MMA bout, Joshua Onwordi (29) of The MMA Clinic faces Simeon Ottley (32) representing AVT MMA. Both have 2 wins and 4 losses. Ottley, drawn into MMA by chance in Leeds, fights to set a positive example for his kids and community. He’s a striker with a preference for Thai boxing. Onwordi’s journey started filming at a gym during college. He’s now a black belt in jiu-jitsu with a unique dancing-influenced fighting style, very unpredictable. Their diverse backgrounds and unique styles promise an exciting fight with stories of perseverance and distinctive journeys.

Jordan Heath vs. Gavin Lofts. Professional MMA – 83.9KG

In an eagerly anticipated Professional Middleweight MMA Bout, Jordan “The Last Ronin” Heath faces off against Gavin Lofts. Jordan Heath, a seasoned fighter at 38, hailing from True Gym Kidderminster with 20 years of training and 13 years of fighting experience, seeks redemption after a single loss. An all-rounder with grappling finesse and calculated strikes, Heath is motivated by mental health improvement and a love for entertaining. His opponent, Gavin Lofts, aged 37, represents Fight Ministry with 14 years of training and a pristine record of 1 win. A striker with a range advantage, Lofts thrives on competition and growth, fortified by a team of dedicated Neals who bring diverse skills and unwavering commitment to his journey.

Exploring the Amateur Bouts

Caged Steel 33 isn’t just about the main and co-main events; it’s about celebrating the entire scale of MMA talent. The card is packed with intriguing matchups, showcasing fighters from different gyms, backgrounds, and levels of experience.

Charlie Metcalfe vs. Josh Carrick. Amateur MMA Title – 120.2KG.

Amateur MMA takes centre stage as Charlie Metcalfe, fighting out of Fight Ministry Humberston under coach Neal Lofts, faces Josh Carrick from Jarmesty Martial Arts for the title in the 120.2KG weight class. With a record of 1 win and 1 loss, Metcalfe’s journey to the title has been marked by determination and growth. An exciting athlete to watch in the cage. Carrick, with 4 wins and 2 losses, aims to prove himself as the rightful champion as he heads to Caged Steel from Manchester. This battle of heavyweights promises explosive power and a test of endurance.

Matthew Oki vs. Aron Leo. Amateur MMA – 77.1KG

In the upcoming Amateur MMA Welterweight matchup, Matthew Oki, with a record of 4-1, steps into the spotlight against Aron Leo, who stands at 4-2, hailing from Reykjavik MMA in Iceland. Oki’s journey began with the inspiration drawn from an MMA movie, fueling his drive to be the best. Trained under Manchester Top Team, he’s a multidisciplinary fighter. Leo, representing Reykjavik MMA, brings his Icelandic strength and skills to the table. This bout promises an electrifying clash of determination and diverse fighting techniques, making it a captivating spectacle in the cage.

Charlie Chambers vs. Jody Fullwood. Amateur MMA – 77.1KG

Sheffield Shootfighter’s Charlie Chambers steps into the cage against GB Top Team Midlands’ Jody Fullwood in the 77.1KG weight class. Chambers, undefeated with 3 wins, aims to continue his streak against Fullwood, who holds a record of 2 wins and 3 losses. This matchup promises fast-paced action and a display of versatile striking and grappling skills.

Jhoan Salinas vs. Ryan Shaw. Amateur MMA – 77.1KG

RVK MMA’s Jhoan Salinas, with 2 wins and 1 loss, takes on Gorilla Fight Team’s Ryan Shaw, who maintains a flawless record of 3 wins. The clash in the 77.1KG weight class pits Salinas’ experience against Shaw’s momentum, promising an exciting exchange of skills and strategies.

Mubibullah Safi vs. Catalin Predica. Amateur MMA – 62KG

Manchester Top Team’s Mubibullah Safi, with 3 wins and 5 losses, faces off against Sheffield Shootfighters’ Catalin Predica, who holds a record of 3 wins and 2 losses. This battle in the 62KG weight class promises a display of heart and tenacity as both fighters aim to leave their mark on the event.

Dammý Sigurleifsdóttir vs. Janine Reaney. Amateur MMA – 59KG

Our exciting female bout of the night. Iceland’s Dammý Sigurleifsdóttir, with 2 wins and 3 losses under her belt, faces off against newcomer Janine Reaney from S18 MMA in Sheffield, making her MMA debut. The clash in the 59KG weight class is a testament to the global reach of MMA, as fighters from different corners of the world come together to test their skills.

James Darkes vs. Ryan Bulman. Cage Boxing 4oz – 74KG

James Darkes of Manchester Fighter, with 15 wins and 5 losses in cage boxing, takes on Ryan Bulman from ABA in Doncaster, who maintains a record of 4 wins and 2 losses. Fighting in 4oz Professional MMA gloves. This matchup in the 74KG weight class is a showcase of the power and precision of cage boxing.

Patryk Kwasik vs. Gabriel Bell. Amateur MMA – 93.0KG

Polish born athlete, Patryk Kwasik of Charles Martin Martial Arts in Doncaster, steps into the cage with 2 wins and no losses, while Gabriel Bell from S18 MMA in Sheffield makes his amateur debut. The bout in the 93.0KG weight class is a test of Kwasik’s skills and Bell’s potential, as they both look to carve their paths in the MMA world.

Mohammed Alewidat vs. Jack Terry. Amateur MMA – 61.2KG

In the 61.2KG weight class, Sheffield Shootfighter’s Mohammed Alewidat (head coach is Sam Boult, Caged Steel Veteran) looks for redemption after a loss as he takes on Jack Terry from HD Performance Centre in Doncaster (head coach Marc Diskese, UFC fighter and Caged Steel Veteran), who boasts 2 wins. This matchup is a testament to the resilience of fighters who are willing to learn and improve from each fight.

Alex Cioana vs. Kurtis Matthews. Amateur MMA – 81KG

In a collision of talent, Alex Cioana from Bateman MMA in Grimsby, under head coach James Bateman (Caged Steel Veteran) and Kurtis Matthews from Charles Martin Martial Arts in Doncaster, face each other in the 81KG weight class. Cioana, the youngest on the card aged 16, with 1 win and 1 loss, and Matthews, making his debut, showcase their skills and determination in this three-round encounter. We’re excited to see what the next generation of MMA looks like.

Artur Burijs vs. Matty Spawforth. Amateur MMA – 72KG

Two debutants, Artur Burijs from GB Top Team Midlands in Derby and Matty Spawforth from AVT MMA in Leeds, will clash in a 72KG bout. Both stand at 182 cm tall. With no prior wins or losses, they represent the unpredictability of newcomers in MMA. This fight symbolizes their aspirations and the raw talent present in amateur MMA. Expect an intense battle as they seek their first victory, making their mark on the sport.

Corey Holloway vs. Joe Milburn. Cage Boxing – 70.3KG

In the Cage Boxing category at 70.3KG, youth meets experience. Corey Holloway, 19, and 185 cm tall, represents Snakepit MMA in Scunthorpe, with no prior wins or losses. Joe Milburn, returns to Caged Steel, aged 32, stands at 177 cm and fights for Fight Ministry Humberston, Grimsby, with one loss under his belt. This battle tests whether youthful energy can conquer the wisdom of experience.

Buddy Thake vs. Jacob Wright. Amateur MMA – 83.9KG

Returning to Caged Steel, Buddy Thake and Jacob Wright, both 180 cm tall. Jacob transitions from K1 to MMA. Thake, with a previous loss in MMA, seeks redemption, while Wright starts fresh. Their shared history with Caged Steel adds intrigue. As they step into the MMA arena, their adaptability and determination take centre stage. This fight promises an electrifying exchange of techniques and strategies, a testament to resilience and renewed aspirations.

Archie Jones vs. Juflor Masakidi. Cage Boxing – 73KG

In a 73KG Cage Boxing battle, Archie Jones from Gainsborough (18, 172 cm) with an unblemished 2-0 record faces Juflor Masakidi from Doncaster (21, 180 cm) with 1 win, representing the Beast Boxing Academy. It’s a clash of youth and promise, as Jones seeks to maintain his perfect record, while Masakidi aims to shine brighter.

Joe Owens vs. Milen Yatsenko. Amateur MMA – 70.3KG

Two fighters stepping into the amateur MMA scene for the first time, Joe Owens from Sapphire MMA Gym Huyton and Milen Yatsenko from GB Top Team Midlands, meet in the 70.3KG weight class. This matchup is a showcase of raw talent and determination as both fighters seek to make a memorable entrance to the sport.

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