Caged Steel 32 is on the horizon, and on May 20th, Doncaster Dome will be transformed into a battlefield of adrenaline-pumping mixed martial arts (MMA) excitement. This highly anticipated event is set to captivate fans from all corners, whether they are lucky enough to secure a spot in the Doncaster Dome or tuning in from around the world via Pay-Per-View.

Featuring an incredible line-up of 22 bouts, Caged Steel 32 promises an unforgettable night of high-intensity clashes and jaw-dropping moments. From the thrilling main event showdown between the formidable Louis Lee Scott and the indomitable Leandro Lima, to the international clashes and gripping title fights, this event will showcase the very best talent and skill in the UK MMA scene.

Prepare to be on the edge of your seat as each fight on the Main Card delivers explosive action and fierce competition. And don’t overlook the Preliminary card, which is packed with highlights of its own, promising to keep fans engaged and entertained throughout the night. Read more for a highlight breakdown of the fights to come.

From Leeds to Fortaleza: Louis Lee Scott vs. Leandro Lima – A Main Event Thriller for the Ages!

In the highly anticipated main event, hometown hero Louis Lee Scott from Leeds, England, faces off against the formidable Leandro Lima from Fortaleza, Brazil. Louis boasts an impeccable professional record of 5 wins and 0 losses, honing his skills at Manchester Top Team. Leandro, with a record of 7 wins and 3 losses, is a replacement fighter chosen by Caged Steel due to his calibre. This clash of titans will push Louis to his limits and test his mettle like never before.

Aged 23 with a height of 173cm, Louis is renowned for his lightning-fast kicks and devastating strikes in Muay Thai, but his well-rounded skill set extends to a formidable ground game with numerous submission victories. He carries a deep love for his hometown of Leeds and fights to make them proud, showcasing the extraordinary talent within its borders. Learn more about Louis fight history here.

Leandro, aged 37 years old, with a height of 169cm, carries the weight of Brazil’s martial arts legacy, with well-honed grappling abilities influenced by the renowned Gracie family. Louis will face the challenge of coping with Leandro’s ground prowess and the dangerous waters of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

The stakes are high, the tension is palpable, and this clash will undoubtedly etch its name into the annals of UK MMA history. Prepare for an unforgettable showdown that captivates fight fans and leaves a lasting mark on the sport. Read more about the fight here.

Ibragim Ibragimov vs. Maxswell Souza – A Thrilling Co-Main Event for MMA Glory!

The co-main event brings together two young fighters with immense potential. Ibragim Ibragimov, a 19-year-old rising star from Dagestan, will take on Maxswell Souza (Aged 24 years), another tough Brazilian fighter from the same gym as Leandro Lima. Ibragim boasts an undefeated amateur and professional record, displaying his exceptional wrestling skills. Fighting out of Manchester Top Team, he has garnered a dedicated following around the world, and his goal is to make Dagestan proud. Ibragim holds a 4-0 professional MMA record.

Maxswell Souza, with a professional record of 3 wins and 1 loss, is no stranger to tough competition. Known for his striking prowess and solid Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu skills, Maxswell is a well-rounded fighter capable of challenging anyone in the cage. This co-main event clash promises fireworks, as two young talents clash in a battle for supremacy.

Explosive Showdown: Dawid Panfil vs. Jack Comby

Dawid Panfil (Aged 32 years) and Jack Comby (Aged 23 years), two dynamic fighters known for their explosive styles, are set to face off in what promises to be a thrilling encounter. Standing at 185cm, Dawid, hailing from Poland, fights out of Wizard Muay Thai and is eager to make his country proud. With a record of 2 wins and 1 loss, Dawid’s brawling style has earned him victories against tough opponents. Standing at 183cm, Jack, representing his hometown of Spennymoor, is determined to bring home a win and showcase his skills to his community. With victories over formidable opponents in previous Caged Steel events, Jack’s record stands at 1 win and 1 loss. This matchup guarantees an all-out war inside the cage.

Leg Kicks and Knockouts: Ben Woolliss vs. James Darkes

Another exciting professional bout on the card is between Ben Woolliss (Aged 29 years) and James Darkes (Aged 34 years). Ben, a debut professional fighter with a background in kickboxing, has achieved various championship belts in his discipline. With a significant social media following of 130,000 Instagram followers, Ben’s explosive leg kicks and incredible combinations make him an exhilarating fighter to watch. He fights out of Team Renegade, alongside renowned fighters like UFC champion Leon Edwards. Ben’s opponent, James Darkes, fighting out of Manchester Fighters, is a skilled boxer known for his diverse fighting abilities. With numerous highlight-reel knockouts to his name, James is eager to add another impressive victory to his record. This clash of styles guarantees an exciting matchup for fans tuning in on Pay-Per-View.

African Powerhouse vs. British Thunder: Maxwell Djantou Nana vs. Cavan Hughes

We have the heavyweight clash that’s set to send shockwaves through the arena. Hailing from Cameroon, the beastly Maxwell Djantou Nana (Aged 32 years) steps into the cage, standing at 193cm, carrying the hopes of African MMA on his colossal shoulders. With an unmatched combination of Herculean strength and lightning-fast agility, Maxwell is the next big thing, following in the footsteps of the legendary Francis Ngannou from the UFC. His opponent, the UK’s own Cavan Hughes (Aged 31), standing at 183cm, is no slouch either. Renowned for his lightning-quick boxing skills, Cavan is determined to showcase his striking prowess against Maxwell‘s grappling wizardry. Brace yourselves for a titanic showdown that will shake the foundations of the heavyweight division! Learn more about Maxwell here.

A Fireworks-Filled Encounter for the Caged Steel Amateur British Lightweight Title!

Prepare to witness an epic clash for the Caged Steel Amateur British Lightweight Title. In one corner, we have the dynamic Cain Morrow (Aged 27 years), a force to be reckoned with. Hailing from the fighting hotspot of Hull/York, Cain combines the finesse of a skilled wrestler with the knockout power of a seasoned striker. His opponent, the Latvian sensation Kristians Boguzs (Aged 19 years), arrives with an undefeated record of 6 wins. Standing at 183cm, this young prodigy has already made waves in the MMA world, and he’s hungry for another belt to add to his collection. Sparks will fly as these two warriors lay it all on the line in their quest for glory!

A Battle for Supremacy in the International Super Lightweight Title Fight!

Hold your breath for the clash of titans in the International Super Lightweight amateur MMA title fight. From the land of fire and ice, Hrafn þráinsson (Aged 36 years) steps into the cage, wielding the devastating power of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. With a flawless record of 2 wins and 0 losses, Hrafn has Iceland erupting in anticipation of his performance. But standing in his way is the explosive Englishman, Will Bean, who possesses lightning-fast strikes and an indomitable spirit. Will (Aged 27 years) is no stranger to victory with an undefeated 3-0 record and is determined to put on a show that will leave the world in awe. Brace yourselves for an epic showdown as these two powerhouses collide in a battle that will rock the MMA landscape!

A Showdown for the Caged Steel Amateur Featherweight Title!

The night doesn’t stop with the title fights. Get ready for a clash of warriors in the Caged Steel Amateur Featherweight title fight. 28 year old, Mitch Wood (3-2-1), the pride of Manchester Top Team, standing at 180cm enters the cage ready to prove his ability. Layton Kayne, aged 22 years old, with a height of 180cm and a 4-1 fight record, representing The MMA Academy in Liverpool, is a rising star in his own right, armed with a skill set that mirrors Mitch’s. These two fearless fighters will stop at nothing to claim the coveted featherweight crown, leaving everything on the orang canvas in a display of heart-stopping action!

New Blood, Explosive Battles: Witness Rising Stars Collide! The Caged Steel Preliminary Card.

Get ready for a mind-blowing undercard at Caged Steel, packed with rising stars and explosive matchups that will leave you on the edge of your seat, craving more action!… Which you’ll get when the main card starts.

Börkur Kristinsson vs Dan Cranston

Rising Star Börkur Kristinsson (Aged 20 years old. Height 183cm) faces new challenge in Dan Cranston at Caged Steel. RVK MMA’s future star, returns to Caged Steel for his third fight. Börkur hails a current undefeated record of two wins. Very exciting athlete to watch in the cage, with a huge, likeable, personality. Set to fight Ethan Young but recently Ethan had to pull from the fight. We wish him all the best. MTK Newcastle’s Dan Cranston has stepped up to battle the Icelandic. Dan holds a 1-0 fight record. Cranston is aged 22 years old, with a height of 170cm. Usually a featherweight, he’s even stepped up a weight class for this fight. Credit to him. Dan’s a skilful athlete and will bring a tough fight to Börkur. This could go either way.

Dimitri Manoussaridis vs Kashif Nareem

Returning to our orange canvas since we last saw him at Caged Steel 30 is, Dimitri Manoussaridis from Carlson Gracie Hull. Aged 25, with a height of 180cm, Dimitri is a tough athlete with a great wrestling background. Expected, fighting under head coach Owen Livesey. Don’t expect a wrestling match though, Dimitri is well rounded and can bring a tough fight wherever it goes. His opponent hails from Manchester Top Team, Kashif Nareem. Born, Islamabad, Pakistan, Nareem is slightly older at 26 years, but matches Dimitri’s height. Nareem holds a 2-0 fight record, it’s been a few years since he fought in the cage. Very interesting matchup, expect a close fight.

Abdifatah Hassan vs Omar Majoub

Featured, we have two debutants ready to make their mark. Abdifatah Hassan, aged 20 with a height of 183cm, is a young and hungry warrior from Team Renegade in Birmingham, will step into the cage to face off against Omar Majoub, a dynamic force representing Carlson Gracie London. Omar is aged 22 years old and stands at 180 cm. These two newcomers are eager to leave their opponents stunned with their raw talent and relentless drive.

Baldur Logi Sigurðusson vs Ali Albazi

The intensity doesn’t stop there. Prepare for an Icelandic redemption story as Baldur Logi Sigurðusson, driven by his previous loss at Caged Steel, enters the arena determined to showcase his true potential. Baldur is 20 years old, with a height of 180cm. Standing in his way is Ali Albazi, an 18-year-old (174cm tall) prodigy from Great Britain Top Team – Who’s head coach is Brad Pickett from the UFC. With both fighters possessing the heart of a lion, this clash promises to be a battle of epic proportions.

Moseke Becke vs Helgi Idder

Next up, get ready for a clash of nations as Cameroon’s Moseke Becke steps into the cage against Iceland’s Helgi Idder. Moseke, from Team Renegade, with his explosive power and relentless aggression, aims to solidify his undefeated record. Becke has a height of 187cm and is aged 21 years old. Helgi, fighting out of RVK MMA, stands at 186cm, aged 24 years old, is a seasoned Caged Steel fighter with multiple appearances under his belt, won’t back down easily. Brace yourself for a welterweight showdown that will have the crowd roaring!

Brad Camps vs Filipe Dias

Manchester Top Team’s Brad Camps (Aged 29. Height 175cm), known for his exceptional wrestling skills, is ready to unleash his fury against Filipe Dias (Aged 23. Height 175cm) from Fightzone, London. Both fighters are agile, light on their feet, and possess the determination to claim victory. Expect a high-paced, flyweight battle that will keep you at the edge of your seat, eagerly awaiting the next move.

Timo McGuire vs Kyle Parton

Timo McGuire (Aged 21. Height 173cm) from Carlson Gracie Hull, fuelled by the desire to set his record straight, faces off against Doncaster’s own Kyle Parton (Aged 31. Height 155cm) in a featherweight bout. These two fighters, with identical records, are locked and loaded, ready to unleash their skills in an all-out war for supremacy.

Ryan Bulman vs Chris Parker

The veteran warrior Ryan Bulman (Age 31. Height 173cm), known for his stunning knockouts, returns to the Caged Steel stage. Hailing from Thorne in Doncaster, Ryan will go toe-to-toe with Chris Parker (Age 25. Height 170cm), a young and hungry fighter making his Caged Steel debut. With their contrasting styles and electrifying punches, this super welterweight clash guarantees fireworks from the opening bell.

Luke Dyson vs Brett Nilsen

Cage boxing ramped up to the next level in this bout. Featuring Luke Dyson (Aged 30. Height 178cm) from Leeds/Halifax, known for his lightning-fast hands, as he takes on the hard-hitting Brett Nilsen (Aged 36. Height 188cm) from Gainsborough. With 4oz MMA gloves amplifying the intensity, this matchup promises a whirlwind of action, delivering constant entertainment that will leave you breathless.

Scott Harper vs Shazaib Ali

Prepare for an explosive clash between veteran Scott Harper (Aged 47. Height 170cm) and the young gun, Shazaib Ali (Aged 23. Height 165cm). These two boxing phenoms have vastly different styles, with Scott’s old-school approach of covering up and landing that knockout punch, while Ali focuses on dismantling opponents through precision striking. In this super welterweight showdown, expect a mesmerizing display of skill and grit that will have the crowd on their feet.

Joseph Kelleher vs Keanan Regisford

Returning to the MMA action, Joseph Kelleher (Aged 25. Height 190cm) from Carlson Gracie London faces Keanan Regisford (Aged 25. Height 194cm) from Team Renegade in Birmingham. These towering fighters are set to collide in an amateur middleweight war. Brace yourself for a battle of strength and technique that will leave a lasting impression.

Thiago Nogueira vs Adarsh Rai

The adrenaline rush doesn’t stop there! Prepare to be mesmerized as another Brazilian prodigy steps into the spotlight. Thiago Nogueira (Aged 21. Height 168cm), a force to be reckoned with, brings his undefeated record of 1-0 to the Caged Steel stage. Hailing from Fight Zone London, Thiago is a dynamic fighter known for his lightning-fast strikes and relentless tenacity. Standing in his way is Adarsh Rai (Age 23. Height 173), a resilient fighter from Dfrentmovement Team in London. Adarsh, despite his 1-2 record, possesses an unwavering determination and a hunger to prove himself in the cage.

Emil Daði vs Uzair Khan

Reykjavik Icelandic warriors are on a mission to conquer Caged Steel, and Emil Daði (Aged 18. Height 180cm) is leading the charge! Fresh off his triumphant debut in the previous show, Emil returns with an unblemished record of 1-0, determined to build upon his success. Standing in his way is Uzair Khan (Aged 23. Height 173cm), a fierce competitor making his debut for Team Renegade in Birmingham. The stakes are high as these two lightweights step into the cage, ready to leave their mark in a battle that will push their physical and mental limits. Expect a spectacle of lightning-fast strikes, slick submissions, and unwavering determination as these Icelandic and British forces collide in a lightweight showdown that will set the stage ablaze!

Izack Watson vs Freddie Hobson

Prepare to witness the rise of two young, fearless warriors as they enter the kickboxing arena. From the vibrant city of York, the explosive Izack Watson (Aged 17. Height 170cm), a prodigy from Legions Gym, steps into the spotlight. His opponent, Freddie Hobson (Aged 16. Height 172cm), a rising star from the renowned British Combat Academy, brings a youthful ferocity that is bound to ignite the stage. With lightning-fast kicks, lightning reflexes, and an insatiable hunger for victory, these two prodigies will showcase their skills in a high-octane flyweight kickboxing clash. Expect a display of lightning-fast strikes, breath-taking combinations, and an exhilarating fight that will leave you in awe!

Are They Enough Reasons To Watch?

If you’re a fan of combat sports, there is no better reason to secure your tickets and witness this spectacle live. Picture yourself amidst the electrifying atmosphere, the roar of the crowd, and the palpable tension as each fighter steps into the spotlight. The energy in the arena is infectious, and you’ll find yourself caught up in the raw emotion and passion that only a live event can provide. Doncaster will serve as the epicentre of this exhilarating showdown, where the warriors of Caged Steel will leave their mark and etch their names in the annals of combat sports history.

But what if you can’t be there in person? Don’t fret, for Caged Steel has you covered. With the option of Pay-Per-View, you can experience the thrill and intensity of the event from the comfort of your own home, no matter where you are in the world. By purchasing the Pay-Per-View package, you gain exclusive access to the heart-stopping action, the bone-crushing strikes, and the unforgettable moments that unfold inside the cage. Witness the battles that will be etched into MMA lore.

With every fight, Caged Steel pushes the boundaries of what is possible in combat sports. The passion, dedication, and skill of these athletes are unparalleled, and they deserve to be witnessed in all their glory. Whether you choose to attend live or watch on Pay-Per-View, one thing is certain: this is an event that cannot be missed. Caged Steel delivers a show that captivates, entertains, and inspires, leaving a lasting impression on every fan who experiences it.

So, MMA enthusiasts, mark your calendars and secure your tickets or Pay-Per-View access. Get ready to be swept away by the electrifying atmosphere, the bone-crushing strikes, and the relentless determination of the fighters. Caged Steel has prepared a show that will leave you breathless and craving for more. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary event in Doncaster, and if you can’t be there live, ensure you have your Pay-Per-View access ready to witness the MMA extravaganza that will reverberate across the globe. The stage is set, the fighters are primed, and the time is now. It’s time to embrace the unparalleled excitement of Caged Steel!

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