We are thrilled to announce that Caged Steel, has recently signed the Armed Forces Covenant. We deeply value the service and sacrifice of those who have served in the armed forces, we couldn’t be prouder of this commitment.

For those who may not be familiar, the Armed Forces Covenant is a pledge that businesses and communities can make to ensure that those who have served in the armed forces, and their families, are treated fairly and with respect. It’s a promise to ensure that they have the same access to services, employment opportunities, and healthcare as the general public.

For Caged Steel, signing the covenant means that we’re recognise the sacrifices that members of the armed forces make to serve their country and believe that it’s important to show support and appreciation for their service.

By signing the covenant, we’re also helping to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace. We’ve pledged to ensure that members of the armed forces community are not disadvantaged when it comes to recruitment and promotion opportunities. This means that we’ll actively seek out and support applications from those who have served in the armed forces.

Furthermore, we’ve committed to working with the armed forces community to provide support and services. This includes offering work experience opportunities, training, and other initiatives that can help veterans and their families to transition to civilian life.

We are proud to have joined a growing number of businesses and organizations that are demonstrating their support for the armed forces community. We believe that the Armed Forces Covenant is an opportunity for us to benefit from the unique skills and experiences that members of the armed forces community can bring. This includes leadership, teamwork, and problem-solving skills that can be valuable in any workplace.

The signing of the covenant also reflects the values of Caged Steel as a company. We’re committed to promoting positive values, such as respect, inclusivity, and equality. By signing the covenant, we are demonstrating our commitment to these values and showing that we’re an employer of choice for members of the armed forces community.

(Left) Dominic Gibbs Caged Steel CEO (Middle) L/CPL Bombardier Ben Parkinson MBE (Right) Lt Col Mac McPherson

As many of you may know, Caged Steel has a long-standing relationship with L/CPL Bombardier Ben Parkinson MBE, Britain’s most wounded surviving solider, a veteran of the British Army and a tireless campaigner for veterans’ rights. Ben is not only a dear friend of Caged Steel Promoter, Dominic Gibbs, but he has also attended multiple MMA events held by Caged Steel and supports Caged Steel’s work within the local community. Find out more via Caged Steel Communities, click here.

Caged Steel CEO stated, “I am extremely pleased to have signed the armed forces covenant. I am the son of an Artillery soldier and always have an eye on the military. Along with my friendship with Ben Parkinson this makes absolute sense and makes me proud to back this scheme.”

In conclusion, the signing of the Armed Forces Covenant by Caged Steel is a significant step for our company and the wider community in Doncaster. It demonstrates our commitment to supporting the armed forces community and creating a more inclusive workplace. By signing the covenant, we’re helping to create a society that values and supports those who have served in the armed forces.

Learn more about L/CPL Bombardier Ben Parkinson MBE, press here.

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