As you all know, there is a big Caged Steel event coming up on March 4th. And while the organization is setting up some very intriguing match-ups, I am making sure that you stay updated on them. Because one thing is for sure – you can expect fireworks on that night.

Two of the gladiators who are about to face each other on that event, are the amateur welterweight competitors Will Bean and Jhoan Salinas. Funnily enough, they both have a submission victory against their opponent’s teammate – Will stopped Tiago Oliviera (RVK MMA) with an arm triangle choke, while Jhoan finished Rob Colclough (Carlson Gracie Hull).

But who are Will Bean and Jhoan Salinas?

Holding a record of two wins and zero losses, Will Bean is about to make his second Caged Steel appearance. A very technical grappler, whose wrestling is also very solid, he was supposed to fight on the Caged Steel gala on December 4th, but due to a severe eye injury he was incapable of competing that night. However, Will is now fully recovered, healthy, and eager to step in the cage. He was kind enough to speak to me, and my conclusion from our conversation was that this man knows how to deal with nerves and pressure, he is working on and improving all aspects of his game, and he is here to compete as regularly as possible. When I asked him about his prediction on the fight, he told me:

‘My one and only goal is to finish the fight by any means possible, and put on an entertaining show. Just like my previous fights, this one will not go to the full distance! It’s a great match-up, and I’m excited to fight Johan and see what he’s made of!’

Holding a record of 2 wins and a loss, his opponent – Jhoan Salinas

– is about to make his third Caged Steel appearance. Also a high-level jiujitsu practitioner, he has got some very heavy hands, which can stop the show at any given moment. After chatting with him, I learned that he is coming for nothing else but the win, and that he is very excited to get in there and perform for the fans. When asked about his relationship with Caged Steel, Jhoan shared:

‘I’m very grateful for the chances Caged Steel has been giving me. Nothing but love and respect for them.

I really like fighting at their events, and I really appreciate all the hard work they put into their shows, you can really tell they put tremendous work and passion behind their events.’

In all honesty, I expect a war. I believe they will both enter the contest aiming for the finish. Will it go to the full distance? I don’t think so.

One thing is for sure, though. March 4th will be a night of high-level, competitive, and exciting fights, and Will Bean vs Jhoan Salinas is a Must-see! Watch the promo video below for this fight.

Stay tuned, Fight Fans!

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