Welcome back, fight fans! In today’s blog, we will speak about some of the most promising Caged Steel fighters who are about to perform on our next big card on March 4th, 2023. Because, as I told you last time, these athletes deserve the utmost respect, and should be given as much media attention as possible. Without further ado, let’s get right into it!

Umakhan Ibragimov Caged Steel 23 – Sheffield Arena

We all know about the potential, which Dagestani fighters possess, especially in the wrestling and grappling departments of the fight game. Islam Makhachev and Khabib Nurmagomedov are the two perfect examples for this. However, fighters from that region could also be phenomenal strikers. And here, at Caged Steel, we have an absolute KO machine, also coming from Dagestan. I am more than happy to introduce Umakhan Ibragimov – a talented prospect, who holds a professional record of 5 wins, all of which finishes, and only one loss. Fighting out of Manchester Top Team, Umakhan is a very technical kickboxer, who has fought around the whole world. Composed and unpredictable, he is a southpaw, who is capable of finishing a fight at any given moment. His timing is impeccable, while his punches and kicks are equally dangerous. Once he smells blood, he becomes merciless.

Fighting at Lightweight or Featherweight, he is about to set foot into the Caged Steel octagon for the fourth time in his career, and I am very excited to see him back in action. Don’t blink, ‘The Scorpion’ is here!

Next, we have Cain ‘The Chef’ Morrow – an Amateur MMA fighter, who holds a record of two wins, both of which finishes, and a loss. A blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Cain has got a lot of experience in kickboxing and Muay Thai, which makes him dangerous both on the ground, and on the feet. Fighting out of Carlson Gracie Hull, Cain is about to step in the Caged Steel octagon for the third time in his career, and I can’t wait to see what he has ‘cooked’ for us! One thing is for sure, ‘The Chef’ has definitely prepared something entertaining

Cain Morrow Caged Steel 30
Jhoan Salinas – Caged Steel 29

Across the pond, we branch out to some of Europe’s top grossing gyms. Caged Steel has been affiliated with Iceland’s top MMA gym for several years now – but most recently enhanced the relationship with Reykjavik MMA, working together on back-to-back events since March 2022. Featuring a number of exciting athletes, the team fly over with their masses of support to enjoy the show we host. One athlete who stands out is Jhoan Salinas.

The welterweight athlete is a powerhouse of relentless pressure, he drives a tough fight. He’s well balanced with his striking and grappling ability. He’s stepped onto our orange canvas twice now, and will be for a third time this March against a very exciting opponent, soon to be announced. When the Icelandic’s fight, they’re quite the spectacle, they provide next level entertainment, which is why we continue to work with their team.

Charlie Lynch-Spence – Caged Steel 30

At last but not least, we have one of the biggest European MMA prospects at the moment – the Caged Steel European Super Lightweight Title holder – Charlie Lynch-Spence. Undefeated so far, Charlie has won all of his six amateur fights, getting the finish in five of them. Looking to make his 4th Caged Steel appearance in March, he is a very high-level striker, who is capable of fighting from both orthodox and southpaw stances. His power, together with his precision and accuracy, make him a nightmare for anybody to stand against. His sensational heel hook knockout, achieved on the latest Caged Steel show, went viral – it gained nearly ten million views across all social media. One thing is for sure – Charlie is definitely bringing the heat on March 4th, and you can expect fireworks from him!

So this is our blog for this week, fight fans! Stay tuned because there will be many more to come! And make sure to tune in on March 4th because there will be some bangers taking place! I’ll chat to you soon!
Teodor Dzhamov

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