“As soon as cage door closes, only one winner will be there.”

In association with our preferred sports therapists Body Advance Massage Therapies, we bring another exciting professional fight to the #CS24 card this November 30th!

Umakhan Ibragimov (1-1) from Wolseley Road Boxing Club, made his first Caged Steel appearance on our last show at Sheffield Arena. Umakhan has a huge following and there was high anticipation building up to the bout to see him fight Nicolae Pirogan. This was the biggest fight of his career yet. Although Ibragimov brought an explosive game with him, in an exchange of heavy hands he fell short when Nicolae connected with a dangerous right hand that dropped him. Leaving him vulnerable, Nicolae clenched the win with a guillotine submission. Check out the full fight HERE.

Nicolae-Pirogan (right) -vs-Umakhan-Ibragimov (left)

We spoke to Umakhan recently who stated, “This is MMA and anything can happen, my last fight make me stronger. I didn’t show everything what I can do on that fight.” Although disappointed, Umakhan left the fight positive and knowledgable in where he needs to improve. He continued to say, “Cage steel give me another chance to fight on the show, I appreciate this. I will do everything to win this time, I work hard with my coach. As soon as cage door closes, only one winner will be there. I’m ready for fight, I work on my mistakes. I will win this fight inshaAllah.” We’re excited to see him return this November to Doncaster as the crowd didn’t get the opportunity to see Umakhan fight at his full potential. As he looks to redeem his loss this means more to him than anything else. Determined to make a name for himself, he’s certainly an athlete to look out for in the MMA World. 


Simon Neale has stepped forward to take him on. Aged 34 and fighting out of Scarborough MMA, Simon is making a return to the MMA scene. His last appearance was back in 2013 of which he took a break due to family commitments. Prior to this decision he had built up a wealth of experience showcasing some explosive and highly entertaining fights. 


We caught up with Simon’s coach, Barry Moran who gave his view on Simon matchup saying, “I have watched Umakhan’s fights and I believe the contrasting styles will make for an exciting fight. I believe Simon’s abilities will see him win the fight he has unbelievable cardio a relentless attitude and hits like a wrecking ball.” Both fighters styles are likely to create a thrilling and captivating fight, that the Caged Steel fans are no doubt going to love. Simon’s keen to make a positive return to the cage and is excited to put on a show for his fans. 

You can now vote for the fighter you think will walk out of the cage victorious. Click to make your prediction. VOTE FOR THE WINNER HERE

You’re in for a real treat this November. This fight supports an awesome fight card with a Night of Champions, which features the most title fights we’ve ever showcased on Caged Steel.

Tickets are on sale now! Be sure to grab yours and don’t miss out on the action.


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