Sandee and Caged Steel

Sandee Are Back In Show Business!

Yes, the rumours are true……

Sandee will be doing shows again.

SANDEE have teamed up with CAGED STEEL to promote their shows. Caged Steel have been successfully promoting shows for over 6 years so it made sense for the two parties to come together to achieve a dual goal. The organisation have reacted immediately by signing TOP RANK SPORT as their main Sponsor. “Europe’s biggest martial arts store are a great Sponsor/Partner for us. We look forward to representing SANDEE BOXING and creating great fight shows for both the participants and spectators”, Dominic Gibbs CEO of Caged Steel commented during a press interview.

Let us fill you in on the finer details…….

There will be two parts to the fight shows in both Junior and Adult categories.

Sandee Contenders and Champions


Participants will compete to become the number 1 contender to challenge the SANDEE Champion on a glitz and glamour show a few months later. The promotion will visit each Contender prior to their appearance at the Champions show to interview them, show their training etc…

All entrants will receive a SANDEE T shirt on registration, a  medal for participation, a fighter lanyard to wear on the day, a sponsorship form to help them raise any funds they need to compete, fees, travel, kit and so on. There will also be great deals to be had on Sandee equipment.



These shows will run with the full lighting rigs, camera’s, photographer, ring walks etc and will be based on the Caged steel shows which currently run.

Can you become the SANDEE Champion?

For more information please visit the following websites;



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