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Robbie Brown makes his professional debut this Saturday against Warren Mason at Caged Steel 25. MMAUnhinged sat down and spoke to Brown about the upcoming bout and more:

Lenny: Caged Steel 25 goes down this Saturday, how are you feeling?

Robbie: “I am feeling good, fit, and confident.”

L: Not many fighters got to fight in 2020, but you managed to fit in two fights, was that important to stay active?

R: “Extremely, I do not think I would be fighting pro now if I were not active throughout 2020”

L: You had a very extensive amateur career, fighting in different promotions and up down the country, now as you turn professional what has been the biggest learning experience throughout your time as an amateur?

R: “I was a kickboxer fighting kickboxers trying to have mma fight. So, moving to an actual mma gym”

L: Starting your amateur career in 2012 and ended it in 2020, that’s 8 years’ worth of fighting, when you look back at it now do you feel like all of them fights will help you progress into a PRO?

R: “I feel like cage time will play a factor, being relaxed in there”

L: As I mentioned there in my previous question, your now turning pro, what do you feel the biggest difference will be when fighting aside from 5-minute rounds?

R: “Helllllbowssss”

L: You have got the task of fighting Warren Mason on April 10th, what type of fight can we expect?

R: “An absolute mauling, I will finish Warren late in the first”

L: Last question, what is the ultimate goal with your career in MMA?

R: “To train full time, for it to become my job so I can become a successful pro”

Robbie Brown makes his professional debut THIS Saturday – after having a lengthy and extensive amateur career Robbie looks to make a run at the pro ranks.

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