Piotr Chmielecki vs Eric Olsen Caged Steel 22

Piotr Chmielecki vs Eric Olsen

You’re going to absolutely love this fight!!! Scheduled for Caged Steel 22, the undefeated Hitman, Piotr Chmielecki will be taking on the American, Eric Olsen.

Eric has stepped up a weight class and was willing to fight anyone! We offered Piotr, whom he thought his fight style was easily beatable, and so accepted. Olsen has shown that he is a tough and durable fighter, however, Piotr is undefeated for a reason. Now ranked 23rd in the Pro Light Heavyweight division, Piotr has excelled in every single Amateaur and Pro fight and is on the path for the top spot. Finishing Eric will get him that step closer.

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You can’t miss this at all. Decembers show will be an amazing night, packed full of awesome fights. Get your family and friends together and have a great night out.

This fight is in association with Toprank Sport.

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