Welcoming Connan ‘The Barbarian’ Murray to Caged Steel for his Caged Boxing debut fight. Connan’s had a wealth of experience in the ring, but the transition to fighting within a cage is new to him. It’s one thing we love about our concept of Boxing. Shorter and fewer rounds, bigger stage and no ropes! Certainly makes the fight more interesting and encourages a faster paced fight too.

Who is Connan Fighting?…

‘The Barbarian’ is set to face Jack Scott. This guy has been in the industry for a while, having fought tough opponents all around the UK. He never shy’s away from a hard fight. He’s even touched gloves against the likes of UFC Veteran, Danny Mitchell. Jack isn’t a fighter to be underestimated and Connan is wise to this. If you’re in Connan’s corner after watching this interview, head to the Caged Steel 26 event page and vote for him to win – here!

Interview with Prospect MMA time…

Ireland’s Emanuel Thompson has excelled over the past year as a social media journalist. He’s interviews hundreds of athletes from around the world, building an entertaining platform for people to find out more information on future MMA Prospects. Prospect MMA is an Official Caged Steel Affiliate, aiming to dig deep into our athletes lives and enables the fans to get to know who will be featuring on upcoming events.

The interview with Connan begins from 0:58 seconds. Just a heads up, we didn’t make Emanuel aware that Connan wasn’t fighting MMA, which hilariously was new information to him. So he had to adapt, something he’s great at doing. This turned out to be a great insight to Connan ‘The Barbarian’ Murray’s life. Enjoy!


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THE CROWDS ARE BACK! We can’t wait to get back to normality and enjoy the best night out with you all part of the atmosphere!

It’s been well over a year since our last show, March 2020 was the last time we were all together. What a reunion we have planned for August 21st. You need to be there. This fight card is something special!


We’re back! And we’re back with a bang! Caged Steel 25 – April 10th 2021 – is finally on the cards!

It’s been almost a year since our last show, and although Caged Steel 25 will take place behind closed doors, we promise to bring you the show you’ve all been waiting for! How does a night in with 20 live fights sound? We’re giving you all of the explosive and fully loaded action we usually bring, but for the first time ever… attire is optional. (more…)

Show date change

We have been holding out in the hope that things can change quicker than they have. We always knew the August date was being rather optimistic and that we would more than likely have to rearrange to September or October. However, after lengthy discussions with the venue we are faced with the facts that crowds, more than likely, will not be allowed even in those months. (more…)