Nando’s – Proud Sponsors of Caged Steel

We are proud to announce that we have an exciting new sponsor on board – Nando’s! Due to this explosive partnership, Nando’s have offered to give a generous discount to the Caged Steel fans on fight night! So if you fancy a “cheeky Nando’s” before Caged Steel 24 – Night Of Champions, and want to take advantage of this exclusive offer, head over to your closest Nando’s just a five minute drive from The Dome.

“Nando’s is a huge name, and one we are really pleased to have as a sponsor. As we grow Caged Steel, it is important that we work with companies of all sizes. It will be with the help of the bigger brands, that we get the message out there that Mixed Martial Arts is for everyone.” – Dominic Gibbs, Founder of Caged Steel.

Nando’s is a popular South African restaurant chain, specialising in mouth-watering Portuguese food. They predominantly serve chicken dishes with a peri-peri twist. With over 410 Nando’s restaurants in the UK and Ireland, Nando’s has come a long way from its roots. “It’s a story of discovery, passion and ambition. It’s an evolving story too, so while we always look back on where we’ve come from with pride, it’s where we’re going next that really gets us excited.”

Pride, Passion, Courage, Integrity and Family, are key values Nando’s pride themselves on having. “Our main aim is to simply create memorable experiences for everyone who has a bit (or a lot) of Nando’s in their life.” As well as supporting their Nandocas family, Nando’s are also passionate about supporting the community – which is why they are donating their commission from tickets sold for Caged Steel 24 to the charity Doncaster Mind. Doncaster Mind is an independent local charity, which provides a mental health service in Doncaster and surrounding areas. Doncaster Mind offer a wide range of services to help support individuals as they recover from mental health difficulties. They work tirelessly to raise awareness of mental health, and aid in personal wellbeing for service users as they progress towards recovery. 

Here at Caged Steel, we feel we have a very similar ethos to Nando’s – we too want to help the community, as well as providing a great experience for our customers. We want to use the entertainment value of Mixed Martial Arts, to entice people to learn more about an art form we are extremely passionate about. We encourage people to train in MMA, not only for the obvious physical health benefits, but it can also do a lot for mental wellbeing. It is a known fact that regular exercise is good for the mind and doctor recommended. Our fighters can also tell you a good training session clears the mind and gives you focus. Setting goals, no matter how minor, and achieving them is also a great confidence boost. MMA isn’t just about the fights and the big shows. We love the theatre and the atmosphere of our fight nights, and an exciting fight card, but MMA is a useful skill for everyone to have – men, women and children. MMA has transferable skills and techniques for defending yourself, and others, against a potential attacker. You don’t need to go as far as being in a cage with thousands of people watching – but we are passionate about people gaining some defence techniques, as you never know when you might need to defend yourself. Attending an MMA class or something similar, could potentially save your life one day.

We think Nando’s joining forces with Caged Steel is a progressive and exciting partnership. We want Caged Steel to grow as Nando’s has, and become just as popular. Our team work endlessly to bring you a high-voltage show every time. We don’t just work on fight night – we are constantly working on creating the best possible experience for our viewers. Our fighters put themselves through intense discipline to prepare for the shows, and because of this very reason, Nando’s have also offered to give a generous discount to our fighters on the day of the weigh-ins.

Caged Steel highly recommends Nando’s for a variety of different occasions. It’s ideal for a quick family tea, a celebration, or the perfect location for date night! Nando’s is a warm, vibrant place with a great atmosphere. The decor, and the general buzz around the place really adds to your dining experience. The staff are very accommodating – and because of the informal nature of the place which is also reflected in the staff – you are instantly put at ease, and guaranteed to have a relaxed and enjoyable experience from start to finish. Nando’s is a great addition to restaurants in Doncaster, and it’s definitely a different dining experience from any other restaurant – there’s no other place you can enjoy fast food to such a high standard in a beautiful African themed setting. Nando’s has taken fast food/casual dining to a whole new level. If you’ve still not tried Nando’s, we recommend you go right now!

The Nando’s Doncaster branch is open everyday, 11am – 10pm, with an 11pm closing on a Friday and Saturday. You can simply walk in, or to save any disappointment, call 01302 534275 to reserve a table. You can now also order online, and collect!

We want to thank Nando’s for the support, and we hope this partnership is the start of something big!

Nando’s Doncaster address: Herten Way, Unit 07, Herton Triangle, Doncaster DN4 7NW

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