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Madars Fleminas: I will go on the hunt to finish Lomas at Caged Steel 21

Grimbsy-based Latvian fighter Madars Fleminas made his professional debut in December of last year, picking up a dominant first round victory at Caged Steel 19.

Eager to keep up the momentum and work towards his goals, the up-and-coming prospect approached Lukasz Pilch – a more experienced pro from the renowned Full Contact Performance Centre – to try and get the fight on for CS 20 in March.

With a huge bout set for Fleminas, hundreds of his fans followed him to Doncaster to take on the Polish athlete, but minutes before they were due to walk out to the cage, disaster struck. Pilch had injured himself backstage, and was unable to compete.

Devastated, Fleminas went out to address the crowd, and even now the pullout is having an effect on him.

“That was a massive letdown,” he explained. “Now, it’s like, how long have I been sitting out? More than half a year since my first pro fight. Obviously I’ll be in better shape for this, but I still want that fight with Lukasz, and I just can’t wait to see him in the cage.”

It is both professional respect and the chance to settle the score that keeps him motivated, and it may happen at a Caged Steel event later in the year.

“He told me he’s going to fight me on the 2nd of December, so I hope he’s going to hold his word.”

Before that comes to fruition, “The Latvian Express” has more pressing concens. Instead of shying away from tougher matchups and holding out for Pilch, Fleminas will take on renowned UK veteran Shaun Lomas at Caged Steel 21 – a man who will take on all comers, and has had hundreds of bouts against many of the top fighters in the country, from welterweight to heavyweight.

Lomas doesn’t turn up to roll over either – he has some excellent victories to his credit, and has been on a good run of late, defeating several prospects who thought that they could get past the Stockport MMA man easily.

“His last few fights he’s won because debut guys, and guys like me, think he’s going to be easy and they’re not focused enough, but I don’t think like this. I am very motivated for this fight. It’s a tough fight and I am looking forward to it.

“I think Shaun Lomas is a lot tougher fight than Lukasz. He’s more dangerous, a more well-rounded guy. I follow him and I watch him and he’s getting better every time.”

Looking at the list of names Lomas has fought, there’s an endless amount that have gone on to reach the likes of the UFC and Bellator, and often he’s gone the distance with top contenders.

He always turns up to win, and can do so with strikes of submissions. He’s durable, and isn’t easy to put away. With Fleminas’s track record as a finisher, this makes it all the more interesting, and fans should be in for a treat as the Bateman MMA man tries to keep his streak going at the Doncaster Dome on July 14th.

“It’s hard to finish him. I think if i’m going to be smart I can win on the points, but that’s not my aim. I go for the finish. I go for the hunt. It doesn’t matter if he’s got 70 or 80 fights, I’ll hunt him down. I’m confident, we’re in a good place, I’m training hard every day.”

More than anything, Madars Fleminas promises a great fight, which we have always come to expect from the welterweight machine. This time, he will face an opponent who will stand in front of him and test him, and who has the durability to try and weather the inevitable early storm.

That’s why it has all the makings of a potential Fight of the Night.

“It will be a good fight, If I’m not going to finish him there will be a war in the middle or on the floor, I’m just looking forward to it!

“I expect I’m going to clip him in the first round. I never back up, so I’m going to push forward and I’m confident everywhere.”

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