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Lukasz Pilch respects Madars Fleminas, but can’t wait to fight him

Lukasz Pilch makes his Caged Steel promotional debut on March 17th, taking on Bateman MMA’s Madars Fleminas in a professional welterweight contest at the Doncaster Dome.

Their bout at Caged Steel 20 is very hotly anticipated, with Fleminas already promising a fight of the night performance. Both men are hotly tipped as they start out on their professional MMA journey, and want to face the best opponents on offer.

Pilch, who fights out of Full Contact Performance Centre in Rochdale under head coach Martin Stapleton, brings a 2-1 record to the cage, with two knockout victories.

We caught up with him to get his thoughts on the upcoming bout.

Lukasz, welcome to Caged Steel. You’re new to the show, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

This will be my first fight for Caged Steel. So, I live in Manchester, I come from Poland. I’ve been training MMA for 5 years and been fighting for 4 years. I’ve fought three professional fights. Record 2-1.

You’re coming to Doncaster to face Madars Fleminas. Do you know much about him, and what were your thoughts when you were approached with this fight?

Yes, exactly, we know each other from Facebook as Madars has already mentioned, nice guy. I know he is from Latvia. I also know that he was ranked first in the amateur ranking and the fight with him is a good test for me in this respect.

I saw his fights and I respect him. I can not wait to fight him.

After a good start to your pro career, you suffered your first setback in your last fight. Is it important to set that right against Fleminas?

It was not a failure, I was pleased with the fight. It has gone well, the best in my career, I was disappointed with my physical fitness. I also wanted to finish my opponent as soon as possible. I made a few mistakes while cutting weight in the last week before the fight. I didn’t feel right and during weigh-in day I got food poisoning but it did not stop me.

I learned form my mistakes and I drew conclusions. I will not repeat the same mistakes, you will have the opportunity to see how much I’ve improved onĀ  March 17th.

How do you see your styles matching and the fight panning out?

I’ll win the fight because of my fighting style, I improved my skills and gained more experience since the last fight .

Any people you’d like to thank?

I would like to thank first and foremost to Martin Stapleton and all from the team who helped me in the preparations. Without them, I would not be in the place I’m now. Big thanks to all those people who believe in me and support me during my fights and them ones who support me even though they can’t come to see me fighting .

I’d also like to thank to Mateusz Donajski for helping me with my physical preparation and diet. Also big thanks to my sponsor and the owner of VITAMIN SHOP SALFORD Adam Furdak for supplying the necessary supplements and I invite everyone to visit his store, you will find every supplement you need.


Lukasz Pilch vs. Madars Fleminas is set to go down on March 17th at Caged Steel 20. Both men are up to the challenge – how do you see it going?

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