“I’ve always got tricks up my sleeve, just make sure you’re ringside to see them.”

In association with Napoleons Casino & Restaurant Sheffield, we have a huge fight set for Caged Steel 24 – Night of Champions! Fighting for the European Amateur Bantamweight Title, Nathan “Little Red” Haywood (10-6) from TFT (Team Fish Tank) will be taking on AVT’s Louis “Lightning” Lee Scott (13-2)!

Hailing from Seaham on the East Coast near Sunderland, this will be 21 year old Nathans’ first Caged Steel appearance – and he can’t wait to get in the cage after his opponent for the July show dropped out. We asked Nathan why he took this particular fight. “It’s just about challenging myself. He’s 13 and 2, and getting ready for going professional in the future. I think this fight will give me a good chance to showcase my striking against somebody from a Thai/kickboxing background, although I’m pretty sure we’ll both be mixing in wrestling and grappling as well.”

Representing AVT MMA Leeds, this will be Louis’ 7th appearance on Caged Steel – at just 19 years old, Louis was close to making his Professional MMA move on Caged Steel 23 at the Sheffield Arena. However, he sustained a tough loss before Caged Steel 23 in June on the IMMAF – which resulted in a K.O. Because of the knockout, Louis was unable to compete at Sheffield Arena, and has not fought since. “I made mistakes in preparation for that fight, and when you fail to prepare properly you get found out at the top level. I won’t make those mistakes again.” We asked Louis if this had knocked his confidence at all. “If you don’t go into a fight believing you’re going to smash them to pieces, there’s no point fighting.” Think that answered our question.


Louis is fully prepared for this fight, and ready to bring his A game. After a video went viral of Louis achieving a spinning back kick to the liver of his opponent on Caged Steel 16, we wanted to know if Louis had any tricks up his sleeve for this fight. “I’ve always got tricks up my sleeve, just make sure you’re ringside to see them!” Looks like he’s bringing all of the entertainment and fire from previous shows, plus a big crowd as always!

We wanted to know what Nathan thought about Louis’ loss, and if he should be as confident as he seems. “I think if Louis is confident that’s good, I am too. I know he’ll have those demons in the back of his head though. His last loss was a vicious K.O, and I’m looking to do the same thing again.” Although he’s aiming for a K.O win, the majority of Nathans’ wins have been through submission. We asked Nathan if there were any areas he thought he would have the advantage on Louis. “I’m a lot more unpredictable than Louis. He has more of a conventional striking style, whereas I think I mix it up a bit more. I think the 5 rounds and big cage work in my advantage as well. I’ve always been more of a striker, it’s just by sheer chance I’ve won with submissions. I think I can definitely get the K.O/T.K.O, but I won’t hesitate to take his neck if I see it either.”


Louis is a well rounded fighter with wins via K.O, T.K.O, submissions and decisions. He has an extensive background in Muay Thai, and started from a really young age. “Had my first kickboxing fight at 5, Thai fight at 9, started training MMA at AVT when I was 14 and it just went from there really.” MMA is definitely our favourite sport, we wanted to know why MMA is so important to Louis too. “I love MMA because it’s the purest form of fighting, and it’s also the only thing I’m good at.” Nathan was another young starter, but predominantly trained and competed in kickboxing and karate. We asked Nathan, in his opinion, why is MMA special to him and what made him pick this sport over the numerous amounts of others out there. “I used to go and watch Andrew Punshon fight when I was a kid and loved it, maybe that had something to do with it. MMA is special because it’s not just your athletic abilities, or your skills that are getting tested. It’s literally who you are as a person, there’s nowhere to hide in there and I know you can sort of say the same about other sports. But to me, in combat sports, it’s just a different level!”

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