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Jimmy Manders

Battling out of SBG Manchester and coached under Karl Tanswell and Matt Inman, Jimmy has the recipe for success for CSFC 17!! He’s dedicated so much to his career. Jimmy moved from Scotland leaving his family and friends to venture for experience and knowledge of the game, he now learns from the best and loves the sport more than ever!

Manders was motivated to start training from a young age, and already had a liking to martial arts but was driven to learn how to protect himself. He said its, “One of the most important things in life, in case if you get into a life or death situation. It’s better knowing than not knowing.” He’s mainly trained Boxing, but in the last 14 months decided to diversify his knowledge into MMA. Jimmy loves the ability to combine different arts, he’s a great boxer but adds Taekwondo to his stand up and has developed his ground game to become a well rounded fighter.

Jimmy will fight anyone, anywhere, anytime. He knows what he’s capable of and he’s better than any name set to fight him. He’s doing this for the ones he’s left behind, and to show he made the best decision. This is his life now.

So watch Jimmy smash through his fight on Caged Steel against Arek KÄ™dziora, he’s putting everything he’s got into this! March 18th Doncaster Dome… we’re so excited, the atmosphere will be crazy!! See you there.


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