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Stafford Swainston (5-1) ranked 21st in the UK takes on the undefeated ranked number 4, Ibragim Ibragimov (6-0) in a European Amateur Title fight at featherweight. Here’s what Stafford had to say about the matchup and more:

Lenny: You’ve only been in round 2 twice in your career, and your opponent has gone to the distance 5 out of his 6 amateur fights, could this be the first fight you go to the distance?

Stafford: “Yes this could be the first fight I could go to the distance, he’s got the style to do so.”

L: A similar question, would you like to go the distance for the experience?

S: “To be fair, I wouldn’t mind going the distance, so I can get a-bit more cage time. Cage time is something I am looking for this year.”

L: Last time you entered the cage was March 14th, come fight night you’ll be out the cage  over a whole year, what’s been the biggest learning experience throughout the year?

S:  “I’ve just been developing the areas that I thought I was weak in before. There hasn’t been a big learning experience…I’ve just been doing what I can during lockdown towards my training that will benefit me on fight day, I’ve just been developing my game really.”

L: The extended break was probably the last thing you wanted, so therefore has the lockdown limited the potential of your training?

S: “Yeh…lockdown is limiting my training compared to what I’m used to when preparing for a fight, I’m not training with as many people. I’m still getting in what needs to be done and I’ll be fight fit as usual.”

L: Last question, just over 2 weeks away from fight day, how do you win the fight on April 10th?

S: “I think I’ll break him to he honest…I’ll gas him out, could be a decision, could be a stoppage in the later rounds. I think my gas tank will be a lot better than his (Ibragimov) and I’ll be able to go to the later rounds and push the pace.”

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