New Commercial Sales Executive appointed at Caged Steel

We are thrilled to reveal a new member will be joining the Caged Steel team. Asha Elizabeth will be taking on the new role as Commercial Sales Executive at Caged Steel.

Asha will work towards creating new partnerships between Caged Steel and a wide variety of regional and national companies – as well as nurturing the solid relationships we have built with all of our existing partners. One of Asha’s main focal points will be to create an exceptional commercial experience between Caged Steel and our partners. We always exceed in going above and beyond for our sponsors – as important as it is to us that our fans enjoy our shows, we truly value the support of our sponsors and want them to equally enjoy the shows, while also reaping the promotional benefits from partnering with our events. Asha will work with the rest of the team to ensure our sponsors receive everything we have to offer.


We have the greatest confidence that Asha will excel in this role, as we feel Asha possesses the same work ethic as all of our Caged Steel team. Asha is an avid Caged Steel supporter and is positively rapturous for the opportunity to be a part of Caged Steel, and also extremely enthusiastic to get involved in all of our current and future projects. We are positive Asha will be an asset to us and aid in the growth of Caged Steel, and in turn MMA domination.

We have some very appealing sponsorship packages to offer potential partners in 2020! Some of our current sponsors such as; Marquess Private Executive Hire and Total Cladding, have signed up to sponsor us for the whole of 2020. We are extremely grateful to all of our supporters, and cannot thank them enough for believing in Caged Steel and being as passionate about our cause as we are. Asha is soon to become the point of all contact regarding becoming a partner, and will be working hard to create some equally substantial partnerships for 2020 – especially as we have three explosive shows coming up! Our Contenders show will be coming back on March 14th for Caged Steel Contenders 2 at the Doncaster Dome, we’re back at the Sheffield Arena on July 4th for Caged Steel 25, and then Doncaster Dome December 5th for Caged Steel 26.
Asha is also going to be the new presenter for the well received Caged Steel T.V channel – just in time for the return, which is due to launch in early 2020. Caged Steel T.V is exclusive to Patreons, and is just one of the many benefits you receive when subscribing to this new platform. Patreons receive special offers from our sponsors, they get a big discount on all of our merchandise, and benefit from massive offers on tickets to the shows!
We are hoping to build a legacy within the world of MMA. We want to take Martial Arts into schools, and to the attention of children and young people – FREE OF CHARGE – as we feel Martial Arts works on a great deal of values such as; respect, discipline, self confidence, and also tackles big issues like obesity and diabetes in children. You could help give every child the chance to have access to the Martial Arts by becoming a Patreon for a very small subscription fee. Find out more about becoming a Caged Steel Patreon here.
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