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Collaboration with Doncaster College Students

We’re proud to announce that we have invited students from the Doncaster College and University to work together with our existing team on the highly anticipated comeback of Caged Steel T.V. We have decided to give the students studying Film and Animation at the College the chance to gain essential work experience working on an exciting project.

In total, 17 students will be getting involved in the collaboration. As well as creating the set, the Film and Animation students will get the chance to direct and film the episodes. They will also be taking part in the editing and the adding of information and fun elements to the final product.
caged steel tv doncaster college
caged steel tv doncaster college
We initially approached the Doncaster College students to talk to them about their potential involvement – the students expressed a very keen interest to get involved. A few of the students were already fans of MMA and knew quite a lot about the subject. Since starting the project, more of the students are now becoming interested in the sport and Caged Steel as an MMA promotion. After exciting the students with the prospect of their future involvement with Caged Steel T.V, we went back to the college at a later date with a brief – the students told us that this made it seem suddenly very real, almost like a professional job. We have given the Film and Animation students a chance to voice their own opinions and have a decent amount of input in the production.
Caged Steel T.V is set to bring you explosive fights, past and present, from our popular Caged Steel events – and give you exclusive coverage from our live shows! There will also be fighter interviews, and interviews with relevant guests from the MMA scene thrown in there. Episodes are set to be action packed and very entertaining, Caged Steel TV will include our brand new presenter – Asha Elizabeth. Caged Steel T.V is exclusive to Patreons – we’re hoping to build a legacy within the world of MMA. We want to bring MMA into schools, and to the attention of children and young people – FREE OF CHARGE – as we feel MMA works on a great deal of values, such as; respect, discipline, self confidence, and also tackles big issues like obesity and diabetes in children. You could aid in the fight to give every child the chance to have access to the Martial Arts by becoming a Patreon for a very small subscription fee! For more information and to become a Patreon, please click here.
Our team at Caged Steel, and the Doncaster College students, have just started filming now – and our fans are excited to tune into the brand new channel coming soon! Become a Patreon today to subscribe to Caged Steel T.V and see for yourself the great work we know this collaboration is sure to create!
Watch behind the scenes for Caged Steel TV below.

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