Combat Vision MMA conducted a Q&A interview with ASW Hemsworth fighter Chris Hill after it was announced he would be fighting AVT MMA Yorkshire seasoned amateur Dan Tempest at Caged Steel Fighting Championship (CSFC) 18 on Saturday 15th July.

Thank you for speaking to Combat Vision MMA Chris. Could you tell our readers about the type of fighter you are?

“I believe myself to be an exciting fighter to watch. I don’t believe in not trying to finish the fight. I simply enjoy the violence”

You fight out of ASW Hemsworth. Could you tell our readers about the coaches and fighters that you train with?

“I train under head coach Scott Askham, the former UFC middleweight. Scott is a great coach and helps guide each of his students in the right direction. Luke O’Connor also takes classes and has a brilliant grappling mind. Luke was a key player in my camp for my last fight, as Scott was abroad preparing for his fight. The level of fighters on the mat is constantly improving with each camp, they’re a great bunch of lads each with their own individual skill sets.

How important has training with this camp been to your developing amateur career?

“Training at ASW Hemsworth, has been everything my amateur career could have needed at this point. Just being constantly surrounded by people trying to better themselves, is very motivating, I believe my skill set has improved dramatically since I began training with these guys. But, nothing gets easier as everybody is always learning.

Your first amateur fight began in December 2016 a third round submission of Callum Davies at CSFC 16. How did you mentally prepare yourself for the cage walk and the pressure of wanting to start your career with a win?

“In terms of mental preparation, I wouldn’t say I did anything other than try to remain calm. A fight is a fight and the reality is, it’s going to hurt. I guess I just made peace with that fact. There definitely was pressure to win, with ASW Hemsworth being a relatively new gym at the time. I did feel the win was just as important for the gym, as it was for myself.

It has been confirmed that you will be fighting Dan Tempest at CSFC 18. Dan has an amateur career of 11 fights so far. With it being your third amateur contest, was the plan to fight a seasoned amateur to test your development inside the cage so far?

“The plan is to fight whoever is in front of me at any given time. My opponent’s record doesn’t impact the way I approach the fight”

You amateur career is (2-0) all by way of submissions. Is it fair to say your ground game is your biggest weapon heading into the fight with Dan?

“My ground game has seen serious improvement over the last 2 camps. I believe that assuming this will be my biggest weapon, will be a mistake. Every fight starts standing and if we stand for 3 rounds then so be it. I feel comfortable in my skills, to go wherever the fight takes me”

Dan heads into this fight on the back of a loss against Graham Mealand at UKFC 3. Have you seen anything in his fighting style that you will be looking to exploit come fight night and how do you see the fight unfolding?

“We have a few things we are working on for this fight. I think Dan, looks quite happy to brawl and if that’s the case, I will be looking to seize any openings, he leaves out there for me. I think this fight has potential to be one of the most exciting on the card. I don’t think the judges will have an opportunity to have their say on this fight, whether that be due to a KO or a submission.

Lastly, what does 2017 have in store for Chris Hill?

“Without looking past Dan, I believe this year, we will be looking to bring our first belt back to ASW Hemsworth”

Thanks to Combat Vision MMA for the write-up.

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CSFC 18: Chris Hill One Step Closer

As July approaches there's one thing on Chris Hill's mind - The CSFC Middleweight Title - But one person stands in his way to have the shot for the top. Watch the title eliminator fight July 15th.This promotional clip is sponsored by the Doncaster Martial Arts Centre:

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