Caged Steel T.V is back – and with an exciting new presenter!

We’re proud to announce that we have appointed a brand new presenter for the well received Caged Steel T.V channel – just in time for the return, which is due to launch in early 2020.

Asha Elizabeth will adopt the role of presenter. Asha is known to be a very confident character, and also very passionate about the sport. Asha is an avid Caged Steel supporter and is positively rapturous for the opportunity to be part of Caged Steel’s future projects.
Asha Elizabeth and Promoter Dominic Gibbs
Hoping that Asha’s personality and passion for MMA will bring the entertainment and comedic value to the channel, you can expect the new episodes to be packed full of laughs – including games with the guests.
On a serious note, episodes will include a “Match Of The Day ” style section where the analysis of different fights and athletes will take place.
Caged Steel T.V is exclusive to Patreons, and is just one of the many benefits you receive when subscribing to this new platform. You also receive special offers from the Caged Steel sponsors, you get a big discount on all Caged Steel merchandise, and massive offers on tickets for the shows!
We are hoping to build a legacy within the world of MMA. Our aim is to bring martial arts into schools, and to the attention of children and young people – FREE OF CHARGE – as we feel martial arts works on a great deal of values such as; respect, discipline, self confidence, and also tackles big issues like obesity and diabetes in children. You could help give every child the chance to have access to the Martial Arts by becoming a Patreon for a very small subscription fee.
If you want to get in on the action, click here to become a Patreon now – ready for the launch of this exciting and informative channel coming soon!


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  • John Yates 23rd December 2019

    Looking forward to seeing you in action!

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