Martial Arts changed my life..

Starting my martial arts journey at the age of 6 in Judo and then going on to do 10 different martial arts. Being the Son of a Royal Artillery soldier, martial arts was a big part of my life, my hero was Bruce Lee, acting out all the moves from Enter the Dragon.

As a young adult, my journey was put on hold due to work and life getting in the way, having spent around 5 years away my life was taking a very different turn, one which saw me involved in football crowds and ‘gangs’. After a few charges against me and me realising that my life was not where I wanted it to be I decided that I had to make changes and the only way I knew how was to walk into a martial arts dojo again. I needed respect and discipline back in my life.

My life changed, I got promoted at work reaching senior Management status within a local authority and then leaving to set up my own business(es).

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