covid-19 business bounce back package

Helping Businesses ‘Bounce Back’

Business is pretty unusual right now and you’re being forced to adapt in ways that don’t follow your original long term plan. Adapting to the current economic and marketing climate isn’t easy, are you; Struggling to be heard? Worried about making a sustainable income for your business? Unsure about the best action plan to take? Caged Steel is excited to announce a solution to what many businesses are facing as a result of the unfortunate Covid-19 pandemic – We call it, the ‘Bounce Back Package’

We want to help, our CEO having built multiple businesses wants to deploy what he has learned over the years and our full team of sales and marketing experts want to work with you to see what can be done now to change the trajectory and make a massive impact. Alongside the wealth of knowledge that can be offered to you, we have built a large following with a strong supporting fan base that we can use to enhance your brand’s exposure.

We suspect you have a lot of new procedures and policies to consider to make your workplace comply with social distancing rules and therefore you may have decided not to do anything with marketing. Marketing, just like other business practices, needs to be adjusted in order to survive throughout the coronavirus crisis. Online marketing is likely to be the only way in which you can realistically reach customers, as entire countries go into lockdown, and this form of marketing also has a benefit thanks to more people being stuck at home, and thus on the internet more often.

Whatever your business and industry, it is crucial that you work on maintaining and marketing your brand during this time, ensuring that you stay relevant and available to the public, so that you can continue in some capacity throughout the pandemic and beyond.If you have put marketing on the back foot; let us help you. Would you like a larger audience than you had prior to lockdown, a community for support, a SM video produced to reassure your existing customers, a digital audit of your business and monthly review?

Harness the marketing power of one of the UK’s top MMA promotions. Click here to see our proposal. We have added all the above free of charge to our brand awareness package to help your business Bounce Back.

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