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Ben Fahey: Actions speaks louder than words, come prepared Warren!

Scunthorpe battler Ben Fahey has always been known for his fight anyone, anywhere attitude, much like his upcoming opponent for CSFC 20, Warren Mason.

Both men have taken on the best the country has to offer in the amateur ranks, often fighting at higher weights in order to be tested. The pair almost met at CSFC 19 in December, as two out of the four bantamweight tournament participants. This led to exchanges of words between the pair, but ultimately it could never come to its conclusion in the cage.

Now it will. They are booked to face off for the amateur flyweight title on March 17th, and with the pair now having some history, they’re both fired up for the encounter.

Fahey talks to Caged Steel about the fight in this Q&A.

Ben, you’ve got your return to CSFC booked against Warren Mason for the flyweight title. How does it feel to be fighting for the title on the show?

I’m buzzing about fighting for the flyweight title, but CSFC is a home show for myself and my opponent so it’s a title we both want badly, and I can’t see either of us coming in underprepared.

Your last outing was in the BW tournament in December – you lost in the semis, but what did you learn from it? You return at flyweight, was that one of the lessons, to fight at your better weight?

I don’t feel that flyweight is exactly a better weight class for me. I feel just as comfortable fighting bantamweight as I do flyweight. I just want to compete against the best fighters in the county so I’m more then happy to jump up and down a weight class to get the fights with the top guys.

You and Warren shared words before the tournament and were both looking forward to meeting each other there. Do you have any hard feelings over the words exchanged? Were you disappointed when you didn’t get to face him?

I have no hard feelings, at end of the day we can both say what we want in the build up, but it goes without saying actions speak louder then words. Now our fight is set in stone for March 17th, all that matters is our actions not words.

At the time of the bantamweight tournament in December I was slightly disappointed I didn’t get our match up but now it’s just me and Warren which is much better, we can both give it our all in one fight.

What did you think when you were offered the title fight against him? A chance for the unfinished business to be done?

I always knew this fight was going to happen eventually, we are both local guys to the show and both fight in multiple weight classes with the same ‘fight anybody’ attitude. Our arguments during the tournament gave us a good reason to fight. With us disliking one another, its going to be explosive which is perfect for me, I want to fight Warren at his best and if he dislikes me I’ll get that.

He said last time in interviews he’d break your arm – how do you see the fight going with the belt on the line?

I think with or without it being a title fight we both will give it our all against one another, he just underestimates me as a fighter and believes I’ll be an easy fight for him. Before he has the chance to break my arm he has to survive me trying to break his face.

Anything else to add?

Just don’t underestimate me. Come prepared and may the best man win.


Who will take home the title – Ben Fahey or Warren Mason? We’ll find out on March 17th at Caged Steel 20.

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