The Dream … Bringing martial arts, free of charge, to children and schools. Martial Arts brings respect, discipline and self-confidence whilst also helping to tackle the growing obesity and diabetes rates.

To create the funds to make the dream a reality, we need to grow all avenues of the business, you becoming an affiliate will help us fill our arenas, in turn this will provide digital marketing exposure of your company or a specific project you are working on, to our fast growing fan base.


• It’s Free! Not a cash sponsorship.
• Your brand presence at the event 2000 people in attendance.
• Reach a digital audience of 32,000+
• Increase your corporate social responsibility via charity collaboration, with local hero Ben Parkinson.



In the red corner (Caged Steel responsibilities);
– Provide posters, printed or digital to allow you to advertise our event

– From every ticket sale we donate £5 to charity and provide your buyers with a £5 discount.
– Announce the Affiliate Partnership across out social media platforms and interact with your Caged Steel posts.

In the blue corner (Your responsibilities);
– Promote ticket sales to your employees or customers. Awareness of our brand
– Interact with Caged Steel on social media platforms


If you suceeded in round one we will announce your charity donation with Ben Parkinson MBE in attendance and share this across our digital audience, raising your social responsibility platform.


We are looking to collaborate with companies who have either a workforce or a target audience that share the demographics of our much loved Caged Steel fan base! Also companies that have the passion for supporting local charities. For more information or to join us, please fill in the below form.


Here are a few 2020 affiliates

A few Caged Steel affiliates

About ben parkinson mbe

Former paratrooper Ben Parkinson, 30, was wounded when the vehicle in which he was travelling hit a mine in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, in 2006.

Ben suffered the loss of both of his legs, severe brain injuries and a broken spine in the blast. Ben is Britain’s most badly injured surviving soldier. He does not want our sympathy but he does deserve our admiration and support. Ben has had lots of media coverage but there are many soldiers like him who have lost limbs, suffered loss of sight and brain damage who are in the shadows.

Ben has trained daily, this training helped him both physically and mentally, he has learned to walk again using prosthetic legs and carried the Olympic Torch in June 2012.

Since then, Ben has campaigned to raise money by completing a series of physical challenges and created awareness of other seriously injured soldiers like himself. We want to help him on his journey.

Ben Parkinson MBE Caged Steel